Around the world in eighty months


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The possibilities aren't endless, but they seem pretty close. "It's going to be like it was when the first explorers came across it, in some places," Fischer says. "It's going to be something no one's ever seen before."

He knows how preposterous he sounds, at times. Dragging a small flotilla of boats across the high seas in a modified crabbing ship that can go two-thirds of the way around the world on one diesel fill-up, cherry-picking the biggest fish in the best seasons from a veritable floating island, exploring faraway lands and deserted stretches of sea, recording scientific data and taping it all in high definition, all while pollinating the world with the gospel of sustainable ocean management.

Depending on your viewpoint, the mission verges either on the insane or the brilliant, with numerous shades of gray between.

"Just say it's the greatest oceanic expedition of all time," he suggests. "People will be debating it, they'll be saying, 'How you can compare this punk to Zane Grey and Jacques Cousteau? He hasn't done anything yet. He's just a fishing guy.' And that's true. We've got a lot of proving to do. But we're doing it."

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