Endeavour endeavour

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I've been told to "enjoy your lunch" countless times while eating in various restaurants during my life. But I heard a variation on that this Monday evening about 10:30.

"Enjoy your launch," said the woman behind the cash register at Walgreens as I handed her $21.14 to pay for the lawn chair I'd purchased. The value of these space shuttle launches to the Titusville community must be enormous.

We made another $23.26 contribution to it a few minutes later by purchasing the most enormous pizza — 24 inches — any of us had ever seen.
("Large" means different things in different places, and the box for this large half-supreme/half-pepperoni pizza covered most of the hood on James Overstreet's Chevrolet Suburban.)

The night manager at the nearby Clarion Inn said all the rooms there had been booked three months in advance of this launch, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 14, then pushed back to March 11.

As we strolled through the Clarion parking lot and into the nearby city park in the next couple of hours, we would meet people originally from the countries of Colombia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and India. All 50 U.S. states had to be represented in the crowd.

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