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Texas may get restrictions on blue catfish, alligator gar
Texas Parks and Wildlife fisheries biologists expect to recommend the state's first slot limit for catfish on three lakes near Dallas and will also recommend the state's first restrictions on archery or rod-and-reel fishing for alligator gar.
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Hunter kills female cougar in Nebraska
A mountain lion killed by a deer hunter in northwest Nebraska was a rare specimen. It was female.
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Bambi means business
A Tracyville man is shaken up but OK after he was bowled over by a deer in a "one-in-a-million" incident. "I rounded the corner and pow - he run right over the top of me. But the horns never touched me. I got bowled over and it hurt my back and the buck just went over by the road and looked at me. I got up to get my bearings, looked around and I thought someone was trying to kick the crap out of me." The deer then ran to a nearby ditch before being scared away by a passing car.
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Rescue of duck hunters
Wind caused a duck hunting boat to tip over in Merritt Island on Friday, causing a boater to become lost in the water.

One man on the boat surfaced immediately, but it took an all-out search to find the second man in the Haulover Canal in Brevard County.

Soaked and chilled to the bone, George Leith was alive and able to tell his wife on the phone, "Baby, I'm fine."
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Ticks being tested during deer hunting
Scientists from the University of Wisconsin spent their opening day of the gun deer season focusing on a disease carried by deer.

In this case, the effort wasn't on Chronic Wasting Disease, but on Lyme Disease.
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Arkansas duck numbers low
Conditions for the opening of Arkansas's waterfowl season are very dry. The first segment of the state's duck hunting season began Saturday. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission personnel conducted aerial waterfowl surveys Nov. 3-7.
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Ice rescue for dog sinks duck hunter
A morning of duck hunting left a hunter and his dog icy cold.

At 6:53 a.m. Saturday, two brothers, Jeremy and Raymond Sunderlage of Gillet, were duck hunting with their Labrador retriever. After shooting a bird, the dog ran onto the ice on Shawano Lake in the Swan Acres area to retrieve it. The ice cracked, and the dog fell through.
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Maine salmon industry mounts a vigorous comeback
Salmon farming was a bright spot in Maine's economy before a series of setbacks set the stage for the industry's downfall. Today, however, industry leaders say the industry is healthier, more efficient and more in tune with the environment. And it's looking to expand.
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Oregon man shot by dog recovering
A 23-year-old man accidentally shot with his 12-gauge shotgun Saturday on the Tillamook Bay isn't upset with the culprit — his dog.
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Hunter's bullet grazes 2 kids at Mich. day care
Authorities in Michigan say a hunter's stray bullet has grazed two young boys at a day care near Cheboygan.
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Car hits deer, deer hits jogger
In a bizarre accident in Ontario, Canada, Sunday morning, the body of a deer that was struck by a vehicle flew through the air and collided with a jogger. The driver was unhurt and the jogger didn't require medical attention, city police report. The deer didn't survive.
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Whales rescued from Australian beach join pod
A group of whales rescued from an Australian beach have joined a larger pod in deep waters — a sign they are doing fine after their ordeal, an official said Monday. Rescuers tagged five of eleven pilot whales they plucked from the beach in southern Tasmania state Sunday with satellite tracking devices so they could follow the animals' progress.
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Fabulous flippers: Dolphins have quite the kick
Dolphins have a kick that would make Michael Phelps jealous - 212 pounds worth. How dolphins are able to swim so fast first preoccupied researchers back in 1936, when zoologist James Gray calculated the drag dolphins must overcome to swim faster than 20 miles an hour.
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Fuel from food? The feast is over
In future years we may look back at the Great Mexican Tortilla Crisis of 2006 as the time when ethanol lost its vroom. Right or wrong, that was when blame firmly settled on biofuels for the surge in food prices. The diversion of American corn from flour to fuel put the flat corn bread out of reach for Mexico's poorest.
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It's a strike, a spare. It's turkey bowling
Set up the pins, clear the lanes and try not to roll a gutter bird. Cincinnati is warming up for Thanksgiving with its traditional Turkey Bowl, an annual outdoor event using frozen turkeys in place of bowling balls.
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