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Pregnant woman hit by car while running from bear
Ashley Swendsen had a really bad day. The pregnant woman, 26, was chased by a bear and then struck by a car as she fled across a road. The driver checked on Swendsen and then left the scene before Colorado Springs Police officers arrived.
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Snakehead caught in N.C.'s Lake Wylie
A predatory Asian fish that has already spawned low-budget horror movies has again been caught in Lake Wylie, N.C. wildlife officials said Wednesday.
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Federal agency spurs people to adopt wild horses
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A federal agency is hoping older wild mustangs rounded up from the range will find new homes with a program that will offer stipends to owners who adopt them.
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A chicken coup: Group seeks to protect rare breeds
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — At about the time Foghorn Leghorn appeared on the Looney Toons drawing board in 1946, he began disappearing from America's dinner tables.
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N.C. angler hooks state record crappie
March 30 is a day that Franklinton angler Ronnie Emory Jr. won't soon forget. In just a few hours after launching his boat in a private pond in Granville County, he and a fishing buddy, Jeff Williams, reeled in 43 white crappie, one of which is now a North Carolina freshwater fishing state record, according to a recent N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission release.

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Florida hunter bag near record Osceola
Bill Whiting of Winter Haven hunted turkeys all day long March 28 without the first sign of a big Florida gobbler. His hunting partner, Gene Priest of Winter Haven, suggested they call it a day after sitting in a tent blind for almost 12 hours.
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Who's there: Owl lives in Ark. Home Depot
HARRISON, Ark. (AP) — A Home Depot in northern Arkansas has someone new looking out for mice at the warehouse store. A great horned owl now lives in the Harrison store's garden center, looking down on surprised customers shopping for flowers and paving stones. Employees say the bird's mother flew inside of the enclosed garden center during a January ice storm and laid eggs atop a pallet of merchandise.
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Otter-like fossil reveals early seal evolution
NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists say they've found a "missing link" in the early evolution of seals and walruses - the skeleton of a web-footed, otter-like creature that was evolving away from a life on land. Those feet and other anatomical features show an early step on the way to developing flippers and other adaptations for a life in the sea, the scientists said.
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Court to weigh free speech issue of pit bull case
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said Monday it will explore a dark corner of Americans' fascination with animals, whether the sale of videos depicting dog fights and violent deaths of small animals is protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech.
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Lenzburg man bags 56 pounds of morels in 3 hours
NEW ATHENS -- A rotten day of turkey hunting turned into a remarkable day of mushroom hunting for David Jaimet. Jaimet, of Lenzburg, picked a whopping 56 pounds of healthy yellow morels on Thursday after he tried — unsuccessfully — to bag a gobbler earlier in the day. Locals say it was the largest haul they've seen in years, maybe ever, in the area.
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200-pound wild pig chases woman in St. Pete backyard
ST. PETERSBURG — Cassandra Frank was at home this morning when the father of her children told her he thought he saw a pig on the lawn. When Frank, 26, went outside, she was stunned. An enormous sow was staring her down.
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Mystery at Fla. polo match: 21 horses die
WELLINGTON, Fla. — Ladies in their spring dresses and men in casual linen suits sipped champagne and nibbled hors d'oeuvres as they waited for the U.S. Open polo match. What they ended up with was a field of death.
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Europe's worst guests: Ducks and furry rodents
LONDON — Furry rodent-like nutria and herds of Asian deer may look cute but are among 1,000 invasive species that have disturbed ecosystems, threatened native animals and left governments across Europe with hefty damage bills, scientists said Monday.

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Review: This is 'earth,' and it's spectacular
LOS ANGELES — It's fundamental, cycle-of-life stuff that happens all day, every day, year-round, worldwide. Seasons change. Animals give birth and die. They migrate to find food. Some are hunters, some are hunted. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly — sunrise, sunset.
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2 Calif. animal rights activists indicted
LOS ANGELES — Two animal rights activists were charged Monday with conspiracy, stalking and other crimes against researchers at University of California, Los Angeles and executives of a juice company. Linda Faith Greene, 61, and Kevin Richard Olliff, 22, pleaded not guilty to the charges during their arraignment in Superior Court.

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California poacher fined $50,000, banned from hunting in Oregon
A California poacher who bagged a monstrous trophy elk in La Grande in September 2006 was sentenced Friday to three years of probation and ordered to pay $50,000 in fines and penalties.
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Oregon ranchers cry for wolf hearings
BAKER CITY, Ore. — Ranchers are pressing the Oregon Legislature for legislation to let them track and kill wolves that attack livestock.
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A confusing deal for Tulsa's Kevin Deal
For six hours Wednesday, Kevin Deal thought he owned a state record. Then he learned that the hybrid he thought he caught likely was a striper, instead.
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Hunters displeased with nonlead bullet ban
A recent survey of Monterey County big game and varmint hunters showed only one in seven is satisfied with the nonlead bullets required for hunting in the state-designated condor range.
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Phil Fulmer 2, Alabama turkeys 0
Former University of Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer's vaunted record against Alabama apparently extends to turkeys.
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Giant marlin won't be record
A "virgin" bluewater angler has landed New Zealand's biggest fish yet — a 483.4kg blue marlin — but isn't bothered about a bureaucratic technicality stopping him from claiming it as a record.

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Grizzly bears spreading through yellowstone region
BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — Hunters are killing grizzly bears in record numbers around Yellowstone National Park and researchers say the once-endangered predator is expanding across the region.
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Angler sets new Va. tilefish record
VIRGINIA BEACH — David Akridge of Virginia Beach has established a new state record for blueline tilefish with a 20-pound, 4-ounce fish caught March 19.

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State record not state record after all
A yellow perch caught this month in Presque Isle Bay is heavy enough to be the state-record fish, but not heavy enough to break the state record.
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State rep wants early archery season to include crossbows
State Rep. Mark Homer is trying to pass legislation that could open the special archery season to a number of hunters too young or frail to use traditional archery equipment.
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Peek into kangaroo's pouch shows 2 tiny pink joeys
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A zookeeper's efforts to earn a kangaroo's trust has paid off with a video showing twin joeys, tiny and pink, growing inside their mom's pouch.
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