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Guide's record for 1,060-pound hammerhead shark reviled by some
Nobody wants to kill shark babies. But Bucky Dennis is a competitor. He already held one world record for shark fishing and he wanted another. And you can't weigh a 1,000-pound shark on a 20-foot boat. You have to kill it, haul it ashore, hang it on a really big scale and smile for the picture.
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Alberta boy mauled by bear at remote lake near Edmonton
EDMONTON — Stars Air Ambulance transported a teen to hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, after a 5:30 a.m. attack at Roche Lake, 160 kilometres northwest of the Alberta capital.

The teen had been out enjoying the holiday long weekend driving all-terrain vehicles with his family at a remote site accessible only by a four-hour drive on the quad machines.

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Deer-hunt kills increase, deer-car crashes decrease
Road kills of deer in Ridgefield, Connecticut have declined dramatically over the last decade, as the number of deer taken by hunters has risen.

But a vast lowering of deer numbers — the culling of five out of every six deer now roaming Ridgefield's forests — would be needed to bring the population down to levels that research has found can make a difference in keeping down ticks and Lyme disease.
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Boy could grace record books with hefty catfish
Assuming everything checks out with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks — and Jessey Perry won't take an easy breath until it does — the 12-year-old Lewistown boy will be the catfish king in Montana.

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Anglers gear up for boatload of fees
Those who spend time outdoors could be paying more for the privilege if Gov. Charlie Crist signs Senate Bill 1742.

The bill would repeal the saltwater shoreline exemption and require Florida residents to purchase a $7.50 shoreline license to fish from beaches, bridges, seawalls, docks and jettys. Currently, Florida residents can fish in saltwater from land and structures fixed to land for free.
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Obama wants to pump $475M into Great Lakes cleanup

Obama's 2010 budget released in February requested $475 million for a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, focusing on the region's most pressing environmental problems. When added to existing programs such as sewer system upgrades, it would push annual federal spending on the lakes past $1 billion.
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Bizarre bird gets private beach in Indonesia

A species of birds able to fly immediately after hatching from eggs buried beneath the tropical sand has just been given its own private beach in eastern Indonesia, a conservation group said Friday.

Maleos — chicken-sized birds with black helmet-like foreheads — number from 5,000 to 10,000 in the wild and can only be found on Sulawesi island. They rely on sun-baked sands or volcanically heated soil to incubate their eggs.

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Blue whales returning to former Alaska waters

Blue whales could be re-establishing an old migration route several decades after they were nearly wiped out by commercial whalers, scientists say.

The endangered whales, possibly the largest animals ever to live on Earth, have yet to recover from the worldwide slaughter that eliminated 99 percent of their number, according to the American Cetacean Society.
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Flourishing eagles feast on Maine's rare seabirds

Bald eagles, bouncing back after years of decline, are swaggering forth with an appetite for great cormorant chicks that threatens to wipe out that bird population in the United States.

The eagles, perhaps finding less fish to eat, are flying to Maine's remote rocky islands where they've been raiding the only known nesting colonies of great cormorants in the U.S.

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