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Giant genetically engineered trout nets controversial world record
Sean Konrad's 48-pound rainbow trout was quite a catch, but does it really count as a world record if it was genetically engineered to grow so large? That's what many people are asking after the Saskatchewan fisherman hauled in the gigantic fish, besting the previous world record held by his twin brother with a 43-pound trout from the same lake.
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Is 'serial poacher' killing game again?
A serial poacher with ties to Cody is in jail in Big Horn County after more than three years out of state.

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A r-eel fish story
Two weeks ago a group of four men, Steve Hoyland Jr. with friends Bruce, Ken and Erik, set off on an overnight offshore fishing trip. They left at noon on a Tuesday and went about 120 miles out into the Gulf. All at once, Bruce got a big run on his line. This thing went all around the boat and took more than twenty minutes to bring up to the surface. When they got it up to the surface, they could not tell what it was. It looked prehistoric.
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Prions found in feces of deer asymptomatic for CWD
Scientists have discovered that deer asymptomatic for a fatal brain condition known as chronic wasting disease excrete the infectious prions that cause the disease in their feces. The finding, they say, suggests a plausible explanation for transmission of the disease among deer and, possibly, elk and moose in the environment.
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Satellite Beach woman nabs big gator with crossbow
Arianne Prevost, 23, guided by Capt. Peter Deeks, 23, of Merritt Island, and her boyfriend, Robert Rohmann, 23, killed an 11-foot gator on her first such hunt.
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City man gets 30 years in prison for arranging firearms purchases
PHILADELPHIA — A Trenton man was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison yesterday for arranging the straw purchases of dozens of firearms, most of which were sold in the Trenton area, federal officials said.
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Huge, 658-pound black bear shot by Wisconsin school teacher
What will probably be the largest black bear shot either in Minnesota or Wisconsin this fall was taken last weekend by Rhonda Anderson of Sarona, Wis., a fourth-grade school teacher. The animal weighed 658 pounds live weight, 564 dressed.
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Male bass in many U.S. rivers feminized, study finds
WASHINGTON — Government scientists figure that one out of five male black bass in American river basins have egg cells growing inside their sexual organs, a sign of how widespread fish feminizing has become.
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Sportsmen's group names 2 Utah areas to list of West's 'imperiled' lands
SALT LAKE CITY — A sportsmen's group has placed two Utah wildlife areas on a list of the West's 10 most imperiled places to hunt and fish because of threats posed by oil and gas development, the Deseret News said in a story published Sunday.
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Alaska: Wolf, bear hunts increasing moose, caribou
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Alaska wildlife management program in which wolves are shot from low-flying airplanes and black bears are baited and snared is helping to increase the numbers of moose and caribou, state wildlife officials say.
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Wolves aren't making it easy for Idaho hunters
BOISE NATIONAL FOREST, Idaho — Hunting and killing are not the same thing. Even as Idaho has sold more than 14,000 wolf-hunting permits, the first 10 days of the first legal wolf hunt here in decades have yielded only three reported legal kills.
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Europe moves closer to banning bluefin tuna trade
For years, environmental organizations like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have warned that overfishing could cause bluefin tuna to go the way of dinosaurs and dodos. Now the European Commission says it agrees with that grim assessment.
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PETA attacks rock star for hunting comments
As the lead guitarist of one of America's most successful rock bands, Joe Perry of Aerosmith is used to being in the spotlight. What may come as a surprise to many is that on top of being a "Guitar Hero," Perry also is pretty good with a gun and fishing rod.
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Deputy, trooper stun elk to free it from fence

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Normally, if you're close enough to use a stun gun on a bull elk, you might be too close. But it worked out well for a Linn County sheriff's deputy and an Oregon State Police trooper faced with a dilemma. They responded Thursday to a call near Harrisburg about a big elk whose antlers had become entangled in a barbed wire fence, pinning its head in place.
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