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Deer tree bobcat on Arizona golf course
Ron Goade, president of SSI Technologies in Edmond, and his wife, Susie, were playing golf this month in Scottsdale, Ariz., when they witnessed three mule deer does tree a full grown male bobcat.

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Poison planned to keep Asian carp from Great Lakes
CHICAGO — Fears that giant, voracious species of carp will get into the Great Lakes and wipe out other fish have led to rising demands that the government close the waterway connecting the lakes to the Mississippi River — an unprecedented step that could disrupt the movement of millions of tons of iron ore, coal, grain and other goods.
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Veteran take a break to enjoy some hunting
FARMINGTON BAY WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA — Earlier this year, local duck hunter and outfitter Tony Smith got an online inquiry about a new hunting boat he had recently designed -- from the other side of the world.
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Singer Hucknall sees red over Irish hunting rights
DUBLIN — Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall sued his Irish neighbor Thursday over disputed rights to hunt deer, ducks and other birds at their rival game lodges in Ireland's wild northwest.
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Photo of Bagged Buck Leads to Charges
A photograph published on the front page of The Intelligencer's Nov. 24 edition led West Virginia Division of Natural Resources officials to bring poaching charges against a Brooke County hunter.
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Oregon tree cutters safe after 2 nights in snow
MEDFORD, Ore. — An Oregon couple hunting for a Christmas tree in mountains near the California border spent two days stuck in more than a foot of snow before freeing their all-wheel drive vehicle and returning home Thursday morning.
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Aerial-gunning foes ask Obama to ban practice
BOISE, Idaho — A wildlife advocacy group Friday asked President Barack Obama to end aerial gunning of coyotes and other predators, citing an Idaho incident where a shotgun-wielding parachutist illegally fired on a wolf.
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Ohio, other states giving venison donations a lift
CINCINNATI — Hunters are donating more venison to strapped food banks as Ohio and other states offer financial aid aimed at managing high deer populations. It's a much-needed boost for pantries struggling to meet rising demand.
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Northeast scallopers decry cuts as stocks boom
BOSTON — For the past decade, scallopers have supplied the struggling fishing industry with something almost as rare as leftovers of the fried, grilled or bacon-wrapped delicacy: good news.
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Ill. hunter drops 25-pointer with bow
But if Graber hunts another 35 years, chances are good he won't top what he did on Oct. 26. Bowhunting in the rain on private ground in Madison County, Graber shot a monster 25-point buck that will likely have the largest rack of any whitetail harvested in southwestern Illinois this season.
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Huey Lewis baits ducks, ends hunting near property
MISSOULA — Rock musician Huey Lewis and several of his Stevensville-area neighbors are feeding ducks along a slough that runs through their property, effectively closing the area to duck hunting.
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Almost 101, Minn. hunter still lives for deer season
WILLIAMS, Minn. — Leon Wilson didn't fight in World War II because Uncle Sam said he was a bit too long in the tooth.
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Hunter shaken by encounter with persistent wolves
Eveleth man had just field-dressed his deer and was in his stand when the animals "came running." Only later could he exit.
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