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Kenya fishermen see upside to pirates: more fish
MALINDI, Kenya — People here have one thing to thank Somali pirates for: Better fishing.

In past years, illegal commercial trawlers parked off Somalia's coast and scooped up the ocean's contents. Now, fishermen on the northern coast of neighboring Kenya say, the trawlers are not coming because of pirates.
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NRA takes up cause of student expelled for leaving guns in vehicle
A teenager expelled from his Glenn County high school for having shotguns in his vehicle, which was parked off campus, will challenge his expulsion this week.

Gary Tudesko, 16, was expelled from Willows High School in November after a dog detected the guns in his pickup truck on Oct. 26, according to a news release by the National Rifle Association.
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Spain begins to flood park with peat fire
MADRID — Hoping to save a dried Spanish wetland from an underground peat fire, the government has unleashed floodwaters onto an expanse of the marsh now under threat due to past water mismanagement.
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Where did SF Bay's sea lions go? Try Oregon Coast
GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Hundreds of sea lions that abruptly blew out of San Francisco Bay's Pier 39 last Thanksgiving have apparently found a new home at another tourist attraction - 500 miles north on the Oregon coast.
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Volunteers in Calif remove fences to save antelope
CALIFORNIA VALLEY, Calif. — The fences crossing the desolate Carrizo Plain are remnants of the hardscrabble homesteaders who arrived a century ago, then abandoned the arid, alkaline land to the elements.
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Angler docks fifth Treasure Coast Sailfish title
FORT PIERCE — For some sailfish tournament anglers, Saturday was more than just a cold, wet, crummy day. It was the absolute worse fishing conditions they had ever been a part of.
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