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UN rejects export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna

DOHA, Qatar — A U.S.-backed proposal to ban the export of Atlantic bluefin tuna prized in sushi was rejected Thursday by a U.N. wildlife meeting, with scores of developing nations joining Japan in opposing a measure they feared would devastate fishing economies.

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Angler saves fish, loses potential record

Mick Dolan weighed the zander, a species related to perch, while in a boat on a fishery lake and was delighted when it broke the previous record by 11 ounces. But his claim was declared inadmissible by the British Records Fish Committee because he should have weighed it on land and not on an unsteady boat, which might have affected the reading.

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Interior: Climate change threatens migratory birds

AUSTIN, Texas — Global climate change poses a significant threat to migratory bird populations, which are already stressed by the loss of habitat and environmental pollution, according to a report released Thursday. U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar joined scientists and conservation organizers at an Austin news conference to release the study, "The State of the Birds: 2010 Report on Climate Change."
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In rural NH, deer-car crashes bring free 'dinner'

PITTSBURG, N.H. — Up here, folks have another word for roadkill. It's "dinner." When a whitetail gets clipped by a passing vehicle on Route 3, conservation officer Chris Egan or Police Chief Richard Lapoint come out to survey the damage. If the animal can be salvaged, it's offered to the driver who hit it.
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Chronic wasting disease detected in 1st Utah elk

The first case of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in an Utah elk has been confirmed by state wildlife officials. Lymph nodes from 1,400 animals — mostly mule deer and elk but some moose — were collected last fall during the hunting seasons. Five of the mule deer samples and one elk came back as positive for CWD, a fatal and transmissible neurological disease.
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Status quo for shed-antler season on WMAs

When the Sun River Wildlife Management Area opens to the horn-hunting public on May 15, people will be able to run, bike, drive or ride horses in search of antlers shed by elk.
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Fishermen likely to see limited salmon season

Salmon fishermen can dust off their poles, sponge off their boats and get ready to hook some chinook for the first time in three years. There will be at least limited ocean salmon fishing this year, according to almost all of the options laid out Thursday by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. "Fishermen should be relieved to have something this year," said Peter Dygert, a biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration fisheries service. "It's not going to be an economic bonanza, but it will be something."
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Hawaiian anglers decry proposal for bottom-fishing limits

Some fishermen say proposed state rules to impose limits for recreational bottom-fishing are unnecessary and lack scientific studies. State officials said the new rules are intended to make state laws more consistent with an April 2008 federal fishing ban on seven popular bottom-fish species.
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