Buck could be 'unofficial' velvet world record

Talk about a weighty decision to make.

After tagging a magnificent 6 X 7 typical whitetail on Sept. 27 while hunting on Texas' vast King Ranch, Terry Hall has a couple of interesting scoring options before him when the mandatory 60-day drying period is up on his whitetail.

At that point, the New Mexico archer will have to make a decision as to whether to go after an unofficial world record mark for a velvet bow buck.

Or he'll have to decide to instead target an official archery state record mark and a potential "Top 10" all-time listing in Texas.

What gives?

The velvet, that's what.

When Hall tagged his impressive whitetail on the opening day of the Texas early archery season, the Lone Star State monarch was still wearing his velvet covered antlers.

And that's the rub, pun intended, for this huge typical buck said to have a green gross score of 196 0/8 inches and a green net score somewhere in the mid 180s.

To officially enter the buck in the all-time archery records of the Pope & Young Club and in the Boone & Crockett Club — and to claim both the P&Y state record and a potential B&C "Top 10" listing in Texas — Hall would have to have his buck's antlers stripped of their velvet.

Should he choose not to do so, his buck could then be entered in the Pope & Young Club's next record book — for a one time unofficial listing, that is, in the velvet typical whitetail category.

While there is no "official" world record mark for a velvet covered bow buck, Hall's buck would appear to be ready to ascend to that unofficial position since it appears to be significantly larger than a 179 2/8 inch velvet monster from Saskatchewan.

Either way, it's a tough decision for Hall after the 60-day scoring period is up.

Nice problem to have, huh?