Questions and answers

Do you have a hunting question for Tom Miranda? Click here to Email it to Tom. Every other week Tom will be answering a selection of your questions in this space. Here are this week's answers.

Video Advice

Q: By accident, we videoed my Arizona elk hunt last year and the guide was able to sell the footage. This year a hunting buddy and I will try to video our grizzly hunt for a local outdoors show. Any advice?

A: Use the best camera you can afford, and a tripod. Shoot a lot of cutaways — tight shots of you stalking, looking, glassing, etc.. Shoot scenery shots, nature, etc. Try to tell a story with pictures.

Stand height

Q: I've always wondered why deer look up. I sit 16 feet up in a tree and have had numerous deer look around then up at me. Do I need a background or camo so I don't skylight myself?

A: Get up into the tree canopy to break up your silhouette. Camouflage will blend you in with the tree's leaves and branches and will also help to hide you and your movement in the stand. I like to get 20 to 25 feet up. Be sure and wear a safety harness.

Rest fix

Q: I have this problem. Quite a few times, just as I'm ready to release my arrow, the arrow falls off the rest. Can you recommend a different type of rest that might give me better results? I use a double prong rest with Teflon points.

A: There are plenty. Muzzy's new Zero-Effect rest works great and your arrow can't fall off. The Carolina Whisker Biscuit is another. Check out the Cabela's archery catalog.

Cold feet

Q: I suffer from poor circulation and keeping my feet warm is very difficult. I've considered tall rubber boots but I suspect sweating will be a problem in them and contribute to cold feet. What do you suggest?

A: Loose boots, and change your socks often. Consider 2 to 3 pairs in your pack. Sweating feet cause more cold feet than anything else. If you stand hunt, get a pair of boot blankets — hand warmers inside will help too.

Food plots

Q: I've set out feeding stations where I hunt. Am I doing more harm than good? I did this to get the deer to come to this area more often.

A: I think feed stations, food plots, etc. help your chances. Especially food plots that stay green late in season.

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