Questions and answers

Do you have a hunting question for Tom Miranda? Email it to Tom or post it on the ESPN Outdoors Hunting message board with "Question for Tom Miranda" typed in the Subject line. Every other week Tom will be answering a selection of your questions in this space. Here are this week's answers.

Rattling antlers

Q: I have a set of small mule deer antlers that I use for rattling horns. But I haven't had much luck with them while hunting whitetails here in Oklahoma. Do mule deer antlers make different sounds than whitetail antlers?

A: Antler size will slightly affect the sound they make, but I don't think that's a problem in your case. There is no difference between the sound made by the same size set of mulie and whitetail antlers. Keep rattling — sooner or later one will run in.

High or Low?

Q: If I'm hunting in an area full of poplars and birch trees that have no leaves in late season, would you recommend that I use a ground blind rather than a treestand?

A: No. Climb high into one of those trees and wear white or snow camo. It's tough to kill a deer out of a ground blind unless the conditions are perfect. To protect yourself in high treestands I recommend you use a Seat O the Pants safety harness manufactured by Fall Woods, Inc.

Just starting out

Q: I am 13 years old and I just started to bow hunt. Can you give me some pointers?

A: Practice and more practice. Practice shooting from a treestand. Never shoot at a buck that's behind brush or one that's too far away. Learn to read sign and set up downwind of that sign. Establish several stand locations for different wind conditions and only hunt a stand when the wind is right. Set up in the tree canopy and always wear a safety harness.

Bear advice

Q: I have had at least one black bear hunt go sour because the bears would only feed after dark. Do you have a method that might help me?

A: Consider putting a transistor radio in your stand overnight. The noise may keep the bears away. Then, when you get back in your stand, turn it off and get ready for the action!

Passing along the tradition

Q: My daughter is nine and likes to go fishing with me. She went along with me once on a bow hunting outing but I can't get her into doing it herself. I would really like for her to try. Any recommendations on how to get her interested?

A: My suggestion is to expose her to hunting and then let her make up her own mind. If she's not into it, forcing the issue won't accomplish your goals. I've got a 15-year-old son who could care less about hunting. Yet my 11 year old loves to shoot his bow

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