Welcome to Hunting365!

Always dreaming of the next big buck that you'll drag out of the woods? Then you'll love ESPNOutdoors.com's newest blog, Hunting365, by Lynn Burkhead. Lynn Burkhead

Welcome to Hunting365, a new blog column you'll find posted here several times a week, year-round, on ESPNOutdoors.com.

If my byline seems familiar, it's because of my previous five-year stint with ESPN Outdoors, the best Internet hunting and fishing resource on the planet. After a year's absence working elsewhere, I'm happy to be back in the fold, writing about one of the topics I love most.

And that, of course, is Hunting365.

Heavy on breaking big buck alerts, whitetail hunting news, seasonal strategies, and controversial topics others don't want to touch, whitetail hunting from A to Z will be a prominent feature of what we're doing here at H365.

But whitetails, as much as I love 'em, will by no means be the only topic you'll see covered in this space.

If you're a passionate western big game hunter like I am, expect a healthy dose of the best from the West in terms of breaking news of big bucks and bulls hitting the ground. And long before autumn even approaches on the calendar, you'll find plenty of info here about big game hunting news, regulation changes, tag draw information and deadlines, and of course, campfire fodder that no one can agree on.

In the spring, turkey hunting will be a prominent feature of H365, as yours truly and a host of camo-clad hunting brethren continue the pursuit of these cagey birds. From Osceolas in Florida to Easterns across the Deep South and Midwest to Rios and Merriams out west, we'll go all out in this space to help you tag a trophy tom this spring. And perhaps, even help you exorcise a sharp spurred, long-bearded demon haunting your dreams since giving you the slip last spring.

While whitetails, western big game, and spring turkeys will be the primary focus of Hunting365, don't be surprised to see a few other subjects mosey their way into our cyber-discussion. From the glory of skies filled with mallards and Canadas sailing into the dekes on cupped wings to the simple small-game hunting pleasures of squirrels and cottontails to the joy of introducing children to the pastime of hunting, I'll do my best to make sure that there's never a dull moment when you visit H365.

Because if you're like me, your days are not only driven by such things as faith, family, and making sure that the bills get paid — they are also driven by the primal pursuit placed into the breast of man by his Creator — a passion for hunting.

And with that, welcome to Hunting365.