Moose trading planned on stock exchange

STOCKHOLM — Got a gun but no game? Try Sweden's new moose stock exchange, launched by the Scandinavian country's state-owned forestry firm Sveaskog Thursday.

Sveaskog rents its grounds to 3,200 hunting teams with allotted kill quotas and teams will now be able to offer moose they do not expect to shoot to would-be hunters.

Interested hunters can also post requests to use part of a team's quota on Sveaskog's Web site, www.sveaskog.se/jfn, the company said in a statement.

Moose hunting is something of a national pastime in vast and sparsely populated Sweden, with 250,000 hunters felling some 100,000 moose each year.

But there will be little by way of trading on the moose bourse, with prices fixed depending on the size of the beast, up to around 8,000 Swedish crowns ($1,000) for a prize moose.