First Quail Forever chapter forms in St. Louis

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The first chapter of Quail Forever (QF) was formed in St. Louis, Missouri this past Saturday. The chapter, to be known as the Gateway Chapter of QF, formed just three days after Pheasants Forever (PF) announced the launch of QF.

The chapter's founders are David Bub, Steve Fleming, Bob Davis, Jay Milhuka, and John Kuhn. All are from the St. Louis area, passionate quail hunters, and active conservationists. "I've been hunting quail my whole life and have seen their populations plummet over the last two decades," explained Bub. "Quail are in serious, serious trouble and I believe Quail Forever is the vehicle to help prevent their demise."

QF was launched last Wednesday as a division of PF. Dedicated to quail conservation and education, QF will build on PF's track record of successful local chapter development, localized habitat initiatives, and national public policy leadership and advocacy. The new quail conservation organization will utilize PF's unique model where local chapters maintain control of 100% of locally raised funds, and make all decisions on how to spend those conservation and education dollars.

"Missouri has a long and storied history of quail hunting. I'd hate to see that disappear," added Bub. "All of the founders of this Quail Forever chapter are members of the local Pheasants Forever chapter here in St. Louis. We've seen the difference for wildlife as a result of the funds staying local through the PF model. We believe this same model will make the same impact for quail, so we can add hope to Missouri's quail future."

"We are very pleased to announce our first Quail Forever chapter," explained Jim Wooley, QF's director of field operations. "The announcement of Quail Forever forming has been extremely well-received. I think everyone knows the plight of our country's quail populations and are excited for us to begin working locally, as well as nationally for quail and quail hunters. We've already begun our efforts on behalf of quail in Washington D.C. related to the Farm Bill and this chapter start is the first step in helping us implement the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative's plan for quail recovery."

To learn more about starting a Quail Forever chapter in your area, please contact the Quail Forever national office toll free at (866)45-QUAIL or contact Jim Wooley at (641)774-2238 or via email at jwooley@quailforever.org. To learn more about the Gateway QF Chapter, contact David Bub at (314)242-5264 or via email at dbub@bjpc.com.

Material from Quail Forever.

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