The top stories from Day Three

Booth Envy
Nowhere but here can you find a Remington show room, and that for four days only.

On wooden walls, above 4,800 green-carpeted square feet, all 180 of the company's guns are here — aligned in the same order in which they appear in the catalog, for quick browsing.

Also here are more than 100 employees who have booked solid eight meeting rooms and an air-conditioned conference room.

Air guns make mark

If not for smell of propane discharging you'd never know that the pistol Chris Lin is hefting at his SHOT Show exhibit is not a genuine 9 mm. The weight and materials are indistinguishable; the sound of the action, a dead ringer. This gun shoots smallish paintballs or plastic "soft air" spheres, but its look is fully hardcore.

Bassmaster Angler Look to SHOT Show for Sponsorship

When the long hours of competition on the water and driving between events start to wear on them, Bassmaster Elite Series pro anglers Gerald Swindle and Stephen Browning have a statement they frequently exchange: "I'm only doing this so I can hunt."

It's a joke between them, but like any good joke, it's based in truth.

The Appeal of Getting Tased

For sheer SHOT Show sex appeal, it doesn't get much better than a blonde who offers to Taser you.

The four perky models seated at the Taser display were signing photos of themselves and plugging the afternoon demonstrations in which anyone with a spare few minutes and too much curiosity on his hands could either fire or get fired upon by the energy pulse gun.