New and updated products from the 2008 Archery Trade Association Show

BowNear Auto-Retracting Bow Holder

Ever wonder what a souped-up bow hanger might look like? Well, here it is. This unit suspends a bow in front of a tree stand hunter's face, and silently moves out of the way when it's time to shoot. The machined aluminum arm, mounting hardware and attachment strap can also accommodate a camera along with additional gear. MSRP: $139 for unit, with all the attachments.

For more information, call (262) 825-6497 or visit www.bownear.com.

Grim Reaper Broadheads

Bowhunters who prefer the field-tip-like flight of mechanical broadheads but don't like ruining them during practice sessions will be happy with Grim Reaper's solution: In 2008, their entire line of broadheads will come with a practice cup which stops the blades from expanding upon entering a target. Replace the original collar when it's time to hunt, and the blades open normally, none the worse for the wear. MSRP: $32 per pack.

For more information, call (877) GRIM-REAPER or visit www.grimreaperbroadheads.com.

Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw

Never blame a tree limb for a missed shot again! This is the first extendible tree saw compact enough to safely carry up a tree and use to cut down limbs from a tree stand. In the locked, folded position, the saw is just over 12 inches long. Once extended, it's 5 feet long and tipped with a high carbon blade. Its extension arm is constructed of tough, I-beam aluminum for years of use. MSRP: $49.95.

For more information, call (920) 728-0900 or visit www.hooymansaws.com.

High Maintenance Camo for Women

This company designs hunting clothes that address a real problem for female hunters: going to the bathroom in the woods, in mixed company, without exposing yourself. Their answer? Camouflage bib overalls that zip open from heel to heel to create a fully enclosed shelter when the user squats. Their full line of camo also includes a female-cut jacket and other essential woodland attire. Bib MSRP: $130.

For more information, call (866) HMC-0913 or visit www.highmaintenancecamo.com.

Scott Stingray Release

This new hybrid combines a wrist strap with a hand-held release, the result being a string release sure to satisfy both hunting and target shooters. The release features a machined aluminum handle and thumb peg for added bow-drawing assistance. It can also be used without the wrist strap or with Scott's patented, micro-adjustable RCS system. MSRP: $135.

For more information, call (606) 663-2734 or visit www.scottarchery.com.

Ripcord Arrow Rest

With a more secure arrow containment arm on their 2008 model, Ripcord has taken one of the best fall-away arrow rests in the business and made it even better. The new model also features a quicker falling rest and more vertical adjustment. All Ripcords come with an impressive lifetime warranty. MSRP: $95.

For more information, call (406) 683-0100 or visit www.ripcordarrowrest.com.

Bark Silencer

Stealth Outdoors believes their Bark Silencer will eventually become the must-have hunting accessory in 2008. It straps around the trunk of a tree to eliminate the unnatural sound caused by a hunter's clothes rubbing against bark. The suede-like material is backed with fleece and comes in a realistic camouflage pattern. Odor-, water- and mildew-resistant, it is treated with an antimicrobial additive. MSRP: $43.99 for the larger unit.

For more information, call (248) 459-8991 or visit www.stealthoutdoors.com.

Fast-Draw Rangefinder Holder

In the time it takes to fumble around a pack for a rangefinder, shot opportunities are often missed. Fast-Draw's rangefinder holder solves the problem by attaching the unit to a tether that clasps onto a binocular strap or belt. The tether is attached to the rangefinder with strong 3M adhesive. The entire system can be removed and re-clipped when the user needs to shed or add clothes in the field. MSRP: $14.95.

For more information, call (724) 588-0113 or visit www.cherryhilloutdoors.com.