2008 ATA: Even more new gear

The new XR Bow Sight from G5 Optix. Don Mulligan

G5 Optix XR Bow Sight

As much a thing of beauty as it is functional, the new XR bow sight is a precision shooter's dream. Like its predecessor, the XR has a floating fourth pin to dial-in very exact distances. But unlike last year's model, the pin has a smoother, tighter and larger control knob. The screws that hold the pins are more durable in this model as well. MSRP: $199

For more information, call (866)456-8836 or visit www.g5outdoors.com.

Metrao Precision Bow String

The best bow in the world is only as good as its string. That's why Metrao created a custom string for 2008 that is within 0.010 of an inch of bow manufacturer's suggested string lengths. The result is increased peak performance. Metrao uses quality Brownell materials to eliminates string stretch, serving separation and peep rotation. MSRP: $99.

For more information, call(866) 456-8836 or visit www.g5outdoors.com.

TechnoHunt Video Archery Range

At $44,995, this toy isn't for everyone - but wow is it fun! Life-sized game animals are displayed on a big screen that can be shot with regular hunting bows and arrows. The animals are three-dimensional, and move across the screen naturally. The price includes delivery, installation and training. MSRP for the cheaper unit is $29,995.

For more information, call (303) 531-4868 or visit www.archeryinteractive.com.

Tangler Retrieval System

Retrieve even poorly hit turkeys or small game with this arrow accessory. The Tangler replaces standard nocks and broadheads with a broadhead that opens into a small grappling hook after being shot, and a stop near the nock that keeps the arrow in the quarry. After the shot, the grappling hook swings free on a string tether and catches brush to slow the game for easy retrieval. MSRP: $29.99.

For more information, call (207) 356-1200 or visit www.turkeytangler.com.

Wayne Carlton's Vanish Hybrid Camouflage

Wayne Carlton is an icon in the western hunting world, but his new camo is versatile enough to fit-in anywhere in North America. The open camouflage pattern is a unique mix of hardwood leaves, bark and pine needle clusters, backed by clean and solid hues. The realistic images vividly contrast each other, and according to Carlton, create "unequaled depth." The pattern will be available in 2008 on everything form hats to bows.

For more information, call (970) 240-3075 or visit www.camowest.com.

Bushnell Trail Scout Trail Camera

The 2008 Trail Scout is everything you ever wanted in a trail camera, and a couple things you didn't know you needed. It's capable of taking pictures in three, five or an unequaled seven mega-pixel setting. This unit also sports an electronic game caller that can be removed in places where they're not legal. It has infrared night vision, and can be fitted with a solar panel to extend battery life forever. MSRP: $350.

For more information, call (800) 221-9035 or visit www.bushnell.com.

3 Rivers Weight Tubes

Increase the weight of carbon or aluminum arrows by sliding these tubes inside the shaft and trimming to fit. And according to 3 Rivers, a heavier arrow is a better hunting arrow because it achieves better penetration and is quieter. The tubes won't affect the flexibility of an arrow, but will slow the projectile down some. MSRP: $12 per dozen.

For more information, call (866) 587-9501 or visit www.3riversarchery.com.