Swiss Army Rescue Tool

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ESPNOutdoors.com comment: The least-neutral thing that's ever had the word "Swiss" applied to it. Just look at that yellow — so long as you're wearing smoked lenses. "I thought it was strange, but talking with EMTs, that's what they need," said Ralph Salas, who works in multi-tools for Victorinox, which makes the knives. Why? Because when an emergency worker rummages into a box of tools, the knife needs to be highly visible.

Product: Swiss Army knife Rescue Tool

Description: A one-hand lock blade Swiss Army knife sporting the usual quiver of tools along with a bunch of goodies for rescue workers: a window-breaker, a disc saw for shatterproof glass, and a seatbelt cutter. Don't get into a fiery near-fatal auto accident without one! Retails for a suggested $80.

More info: www.swissarmy.com