Big Lake Shooting Club rules

[Editor's note: The Big Lake Shooting Club was formed in 1902. Its rules and by-laws were entered as evidence in W.H. Harrison, et al., vs. Frank G. Fite, et al. in 1903.]

The purposes of this club are to afford opportunity to its members for healthful recreation and relaxation from business cares and pursuits, and to cultivate gentlemanly intercourse and pleasant social relations.

Rules of the Executive Committee

  1. No one is entitled to the privileges of the club house or permitted to use the boats belonging to the club, except members and their guests.

  2. Guests going to the club on the evening train will be allowed to shoot the whole of the next day only, but will be permitted to remain at the club house that night.

  3. The season for shooting ducks shall open and close at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  4. Fishing season for families and guests shall be from March 25 till the opening of the fall season for shooting.

  5. No member or guest shall kill more than one hundred ducks in any one day.

  6. No member or guest shall carry more than two guns on the lake, and under no circumstances shall he carry or shoot a rifle on the lake.

  7. No member shall be permitted to use individual property of any other member of the club, except by written permission of said member.

  8. A member while at the club house shall pay to the keeper for his meals
    $2 per day — that is to say, for every day he shall pay for three meals, whether he eats them or not. The price of meals for guests shall be the same as for members.

  9. After arrival of train preceding time of going on the lake, members, guests, and visitors shall choose: First, for paddler; second, for stand; and the lowest number drawn shall have first choice. Paddlers shall not be paid more than the following amounts for their work:

    • From daylight to noon — $1.50;

    • From daylight until night — $2.00;

    • For two men shooting in the same boat all day — $2.50;

    • For two men shooting in the same boat half day — $2.00;

      and only two men shall go in the same boat when absolutely necessary on account of scarcity of paddlers. It is the duty of paddler to clean the gun and draw the game of his employer on returning to the club house.

  10. A list of the regular paddlers at the lake shall be posted at the club house. In choosing paddlers, members and guests shall be required to exhaust the regular list before any outside paddlers are employed. After exhausting the regular list, members and guests may employ any person available to paddle for them, provided they have not been excluded from the club grounds.

  11. No member or guest shall employ or send either his paddler or an extra man on or about the lake for the purpose of routing up the ducks or making them fly.

  12. Paddlers are prohibited from carrying or using a gun on the lake, except to kill crippled birds.

  13. No paddler or other employee shall be allowed to shoot game on the grounds of the club.

  14. Dogs shall not be allowed in the clubhouse sleeping or dining rooms.

  15. Members and guests must not leave the clubhouse to go upon the lake before daylight, and must not shoot in the evening when the flash of the gun can be seen.

  16. Any member who shall shoot on the grounds or lake on Sunday, or use the premises of the club in bringing in game killed on Sunday, shall, for the first offense, be fined $10, and for the second offense be dismissed from the club.

  17. Anyone who shall kill a songbird, other than gamebird, on the club grounds, shall be fined $5.

  18. Members and guests shall not enter the carpeted rooms of the club house with dirty boots on.

  19. The keeper of the club house shall keep the same clean and in good order at all times: see that fires are made promptly, keep clean linen on the beds, and clean towels in their proper places.

  20. Any member violating any of the foregoing rules shall be reported by the keeper to the President of the club. Should the keeper fail to report any violations of these rules which may come under his observation, he shall be fined $5 for each offense, said fine to be deducted from his monthly wages.

  21. The game warden shall have general supervision of all employees of the club, keep a close supervision over the lake and grounds, call attention to any violations of club rules, and report same to the Secretary.

  22. The penalty for the violation of any of the above rules shall be fixed by the Executive Committee after an investigation.

  23. If a paddler does not report, and is not ready for duty at the proper time for going on the lake, he shall not be allowed to go out with any member or guest that day.

  24. Members or guests who do not intend to go shooting on the day for which paddlers and stands are to be drawn shall not be permitted to draw for paddlers or stands. If a member or guest, after drawing a paddler or stand, concludes not go shooting that day, such paddler or stand shall be drawn for again by those who have not secured a paddler or stand, as the case may be. A violation of this rule shall be punished by fine in the discretion of the Executive Committee.