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iCS Technology
Manufacturer: Wolverine

"Wolverine iCS technology can increase energy return, restore natural walking motion, increase stability or maximize shock absorption."

The new iCS technology is a creative approach to the variety of foot shapes and needs entering the Wolverine booth looking for a comfortable, outdoors shoe.

"iCS" stands for Individual Comfort System, which consists of a flexible disc located in the sole, which allows the owner to adjust the fit of the sole based on individual needs. There are four settings, represented by the letters FOCI.

F, for firm, allows "more energy return, more bounce in your step," according to Wolverine. This might be a good setting for hiking.

C, for cushion, is a good setting for standing and provides "more cushion under the heel for maximum shock absorption."

O, for outer, and I, for inner, add extra support and stability for reducing outward and inward tilt, respectively.

According to Wolverine representative Seth Whalen, "this is an all-in-one sole. Your shoe will probably wear out before the sole does."

The iCS technology will come in a variety of styles, including hiker, oxford lace-ups, casual shoe, women's casual and women's zip-up boots.

Expect shoes with iCS technology to hit shelves in August of 2009.

Suggested retail: Not available
Web site: www.wolverine.com

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