2009 Hunter's Gift Guide

We know that all hunters want to do this time of year is sneak off to the woods, but it's the holidays, which mean caroling, eggnog and shopping. We can't help you with the carols and eggnog, but we figured that as long as you were shopping, it might as well be for hunting related items. Or you could forward this to family and avoid another set of camouflage pajamas.

Gifts for less than $50

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  • Plano 25450 Camo Shotgun Case
    Plano's shotgun case is designed to fit guns up to 51 inches in length and has a high-density foam interior, shielding firearms against the bumps and bruises that go with hunting on the road. It's hard to beat getting protection at a price that's easy on the pocketbook. ($15.89) www.planomolding.com

  • Under Armour Camo Arctic Beanie
    This is the ultimate cold-weather active beanie, using performance microfleece to provide superior insulation, keeping you protected from the cold while keeping your head dry. ($25.99) www.underarmour.com

  • Primos Mastering the Art Duck Pak
    With this kit that includes a Primos original Wench and an instructional DVD on calling waterfowl, learn to master this art by learning both fundamentals and advanced techniques on duck and goose calling. ($26.49) www.primos.com

  • C'mere Deer Michael's Buck Juice
    C'mere Deer worked wonders on the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Cameras and now it comes in a ready-to-use 1.33-gallon sprayer. The combination of plant, root, bean and berry extracts will have bucks fighting to get at it. ($29.95) www.cmeredeer.com

Gifts from $50-$150

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  • Outdoor Video Games
    Advances in technology, specifically advances Nintendo has made with their Wii, has really opened up the world of outdoor games. What used to be a real stretch is now a lot of fun. It's amazing that there have been almost no good outdoor games since the original Duck Hunt, but they are making a comeback. ($50 or less) www.bestbuy.com

  • Leatherman Super Tool 300
    You can size a man up pretty quick by paying attention to the types of tools he carries. Most people, by now, know the versatility of a Leatherman tool, but they keep finding ways to put more useful stuff into small places. Chances are you might need half of the 19 tools on this Leatherman, but you never know which half that is, so you might as well have them all. ($70) www.leatherman.com

  • Hand Carved Duck Decoy
    Still shooting over plastic decoys? That's not the only option. And if you're too afraid to hunt over a hand carved decoy, it looks nice on the desk at work or on the mantle. We can vouch for Pat Gregory, but beware, he doesn't make more than a couple hundred a year. (Gregory's price: $75 duck, $150 goose) www.edecoy.com

  • Hunter Safety System HSS-6 Pro Series Harness
    Nothing is more important while hunting than safety, and this new harness design reaches the pinnacle of comfort, stealth and ease of use. Features include extra pockets, instructional DVD, break-away stitching and Realtree APG pattern. ($134.95) www.huntersafetysystem.com

Gifts from $150 and up

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  • Columbia Wader Widgeon Waterfowl Bib
    These waterproof bibs leave the water in the marsh and off your body so you can stay out longer without getting chilled. Good, solid, reliable waders – there's almost nothing more important for a duck hunter. ($179) www.columbia.com

  • Próis Pro-Edition Jacket
    Want to make hunting a family activity? Look for gear that fits the wife and kids. There are plenty of options out there now that fit a woman like clothing should. One example is Próis Pro-Edition Jacket, which comes in men's, women's and children sizes. ($179) proishunting.com

  • Weatherby SA-08 Semi-automatic Shotgun
    A reliable workhorse that handles everything from early season dove to late fall's heaviest waterfowl loads. Lightweight, affordable and tough enough to turn back the worst of conditions. Available in 12- and 20-gauge. ($449.00) www.weatherby.com

  • ATV Backpacker Cart
    This collapsible aluminum ATV cart has so many possible uses it's impossible to list them all, but carrying a big game animal from the woods comes to mind first. The 80-pound aluminum frame has an 800-pound load capacity and either or both wheels can be unlatched from the frame to drop it to ground level. It might be a nice holiday gift for the guy who has everything else. ($599) www.atvbackpackercart.com

Need other gift ideas?

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  • ESPN Outdoors Classifieds
    The ESPN Outdoors Classifieds connects people buying or selling hunting, fishing or camping gear or looking for guide services, lodges and outfitters. Still looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Check out these listings for everything outdoors. classifieds.espnoutdoors.com