How big is 'big?'

Hunter Denny Austad poses with his Utah "Spider Bull" which in early 2009 became the world's record for non-typical American elk. Courtesy of Boone and Crockett Club

DALLAS — Before you book your next African or North American big-game hunt with any of the many first-class outfitters who appeared at the DSC Convention, better brush up on what it will take to claim a world's record or make it into the record books.

Match these Boone and Crockett World's Record Scores to their correct species:

Boone and Crockett World's Record Score

A. 333 7/8

B. 478 5/8

C. 355 2/8

D. 196 2/8

E. 261 5/8

F. 208 3/8

G. 27 13/16

H. 477

I. 196 6/8

J. 16 4/16


1. Alaska-Yukon Moose

2. American elk (non-typical)

3. Barren Ground caribou

4. Bighorn sheep

5. Coue's deer (non-typical)

6. Cougar

7. Grizzly bear

8. Mule deer (non-typical)

9. Stone's sheep

10. Whitetail deer (non-typical)

Match these SCI minimum scores for entry into its record books with the correct species:

Minimum scores for SCI record book
A. 98

B. 23

C. 14

D. 50

E. 115

F. 101

G. 56

H. 70

I. 77

J. 29


1. Black rhinoceros

2. Blue wildebeest

3. Cape buffalo

4. Cape eland

5. Greater Abyssinian Kudu

6. Hippopotamus

7. Leopard

8. Lion

9. Nile crocodile

10. Warthog

Answers are at the bottom of this story. Once again, we are operating under the honor system and trust you not to cheat.

Window shopping

The Newest, Coolest and most Exotic at the 2010 DSC Convention

WHAT'S NEW: Boone and Crockett (boone-crockett.org), created in 1887 for individuals who support ethical, fair chase hunting, conservation of wildlife and habitat as well as the official record keeper for North American big-game species, offers a number of interesting and high-quality publications to educate and entertain outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs.

In November 2009, the esteemed organization released its latest book, "Theodore Roosevelt, Hunter-Conservationist," a look at the former President and Boone and Crockett founder.

With insight from noted experts and historians and utilizing Roosevelt's own accounts of his exploits around the world, the book details the 26th President's zest for life in the outdoors.

The 312-page, hardcover book includes 200 color and black-and-white images (including the revered President's last-known hunting photo) that bring Roosevelt's stories to life. Available as a signed, limited edition of 1,000 copies for $99.95 by calling (888) 840-4868.


Ever been busted by a wary whitetail while sitting in a blind near your secret honey hole?

Sometimes the wind can betray a hunter and spook monster bucks out of range. Other times, deer will be leery of silhouettes of hunters in normally empty blinds — even those affixed to elevated towers.

To overcome this frustrating fact of hunting life, Dillon Manufacturing, an Athens, Texas, based maker of hunting blinds and feeders, has come up with a practical and effective way to cover windows and keep hunters from being busted.

Dillon's Window Treatment is a camo-patterned, self-adhesive material that is easy to measure, cut and install, which virtually eliminates the ability to see inside the blind — even at ultra-close range.

Meanwhile, inside the blind, hunters have no reduced visibility and suffer from zero loss of light to ensure maximum visibility at dusk and dawn. Ideal for use on glass windows (also usable on Plexiglass), Dillon's Window Treatment is available on any of its high-quality and competitively priced hunting blinds or as an aftermarket product.

A large roll of the Window Treatment is available through Dillon Manufacturing's large dealer network for $92.50. To find a local dealer, go online to dillonmanuf.com.

WHAT'S UNIQUE: Hunters, vacationers, business travelers and other frequent flyers can add peace of mind to their travel plans thanks to MedjetAssist, a Birmingham, Ala., based provider of memberships that provide emergency medical transports from even the most remote locations.

Not an insurance policy, MedjetAssist (medjetassist.com) memberships are available to individuals and companies on a yearly or short-term (per-trip) basis and have no deductible or co-pays and make no exclusions based on pre-existing conditions.

Since 2000, MedjetAssist has performed 60 medical evacuations from remote locations in Africa in addition to evacuations in more accessible areas. By contacting the company via satellite, cell or landline phone either through the toll-free number of via collect call, the company arranges for immediate extraction for any medical emergency (illness or injury) by a triage-equipped airplane staffed with medical professionals, arranging for all ground ambulance transfers and hospital admissions.

Once stable, members are transported to the hospital of their choice anywhere in the world on an airplane featuring the full compliment of modern medical equipment and trained, experienced staff. With the average medical evacuation from Africa costing up to $115,000, a MedjetAssist membership saves lives and money.
Personal memberships cost $95.00 to $385.00 depending on length and number of people covered with larger, corporate memberships available.

Parting shots: Watching the time never looked so good

Hunters are always on the lookout for ways to remember special times afield. There's taxidermy, of course. Commissioned artworks can take the photo concept to a whole new level. And now there's a new way — custom, heirloom-quality watches engraved with your favorite hunting scenes.

Melanie Nashan of The Montana Watch Company of Livington, Mont., explained, "We offer six base models of watches, all of which can be customized with your choice of metal, finish, dials, hands, strap and more. We can design a unique face based on a photo or sketch of your special memory."

The company builds commissioned watches with images of favorite hunting dogs, special trophies, mountain scenes and more.

Nashan said the company, founded by her husband and master craftsman, Jeffrey Nashan, is the only watchmaker that both designs and manufactures in the U.S.

The high-end watch line begins at $3,600 and customizations can run to $20,000 or more. The Montana Watch Company also offers a more basic line beginning at $695.

How Big is 'Big'? Answers

Boone and Crockett World's Records

A-10; B-2; C-8; D-5; E-1; F-4; G-7; H-3; I-9; J-6

SCI Record Book Minimums

A-5; B-8; C-7; D-6; E-9; F-3; G-1; H-2; I-4; J-10

So how'd you score?

0-4 correct answers:

You tell people that you don't care about records, which is either true and admirable or just an excuse for being trigger happy.

5-10 correct answers:

On your next hunt, you'd better listen carefully to the guide before pulling the trigger.

11-15 correct answers:

You've been studying the record books pretty closely; your 'bucket list' consists primarily of big game.

16-20 correct answers:

Your trophy room probably has its own zip code.