Going buck wild

LAS VEGAS — The SHOT Show offers a mind-numbing array of new products for outdoor enthusiasts. Somewhere in the overwhelming chaos of booths and thousands of milling observers are hidden gems that will change your deer hunting in the new decade.

We've found these for you:

Gun: Winchester Model 1894

The Winchester Model 1894 was the standard deer woods rifle for many years until it was discontinued. Now, the rifle is back in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Oliver Winchester's birth.

Winchester claims that the Model 1894 has "taken more deer than any other rifle in the world." The fact they have sold over six million proves its popularity.

The rifle will be offered in both a custom-grade and high-grade model, with only 500 of the Custom Grade rifles produced and retailing for $1,959. The High Grade retails for $1,469. www.WinchesterGuns.com

Deer Call: Woods Wise Hot Ma-Mah

Woods Wise claims credit for producing the first deer call back in 1985, when they introduced the rattle bag and the first deer grunt. Now, on the 25th anniversary of the company's birth, owner Jerry Peterson is bringing out a new call that he said will be a must-have for deer hunters.

The "Hot Ma-Mah" is named for the sounds the call produces, which was made to imitate a doe in heat.

"This is the closest thing to a doe-in-heat sound that has ever been marketed," Peterson said. "This will become a staple of deer calling, just as the rattle bag did in '85."

The Hot Ma-Mah call is not just for use during the rut. As a contact call, it is also a sound both bucks and does use when they are lost. According to Peterson, the sound would be equivalent to a doe saying, "Come to me now."

"This is not a threat," Peterson said. "It's a sound that build on the social aspects of deer calls, which is why it works so consistently. Then, during the peak of the rut, the call becomes so emphatic that we call it a breeding bellow."

The Hot Ma-Mah comes with a 30-minute instructional DVD and retails for $19.99. www.WoodsWise.com

Bow: Ten Point Wicked Ridge Crossbow

For crossbow hunters, the economy line of weapons has always been nothing more than economical. This year, Ten Point plans to change that with their new Wicked Ridge line of crossbows.

The Wicked Ridge crossbows are targeting hunters that are looking for a lower price point, but Ten Point wanted to give those hunters something that was better than what was out there.

Wicked Ridge bows come double dipped in Mossy Oak Infinity camouflage to give the pattern clarity.

The new crossbows will be offered in two forms: the Warrior, with a 165-pound draw, for $399 and the Invader, with a 180-pound draw, for $499. WickedRidgeCrossbows.com

Footwear: MUCK Boot Company Arctic Pro

This past deer season has featured some frigid days in the deer woods. Hunters aren't afraid of a little cold, but they better come prepared.

That's where the Original MUCK Boot Company's new Arctic Pro boot fit in. As the first 8mm fleece-lined boot brought to the outdoors segment of the footwear industry, the Arctic Pro was designed for the extreme cold temperatures involved with ice fishing or treestand hunting.

Like all MUCK boots, the Arctic Pro features a lining to wick away moisture and is waterproof, but also durable and lightweight at the same time.

Styled with a brown upper and dark rubber bottom, the boot comes in men's sizes 7 to 14 and women's 8 to 13, while retailing for $149.95. www.MUCKBootCompany.com

Scent: Heatwave Scents Wicks

The genius of the new Heated Scent Wicks by Heatwave Scents lies in the fact that they are both affordable and reusable.

Designed for the hunter that wants to use scent more effectively, the wicks feature a small pouch full of non-toxic chemicals that immediately turn hot when the user begins the reaction. A pad holds the scent and allows for easy dispersal when hot.

The best part is that the wicks can be reused many times by simply boiling the pouch. Be careful not to do this in the kitchen or the house might clear out in a hurry.

The Heated Scent Wicks come in a three-pack for only $10.95. HeatwaveScents.com

Accessories: Radians Custom Ear Plugs

When hunting a food plot, practicing at the range or any other situation where hearing isn't as important as protecting the ears, Radians new earplugs are the newest item of necessity.

This is a do-it-yourself mold that allows users to create form-fitted earplugs in minutes. By rolling the two clay-like clumps of material together, then pressing it into each while the material is still soft and waiting 10 minutes, a hunter or shooter can create soft, permanent earplugs with a custom fit.

The material is environmentally friendly and doesn't create a mess. Customers can choose from tan, blue, orange and red. The earplugs retail for $14.99 and come with a mini storage bag. www.Radians.com

Clothing: Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity

Deer hunters expect excellence from Mossy Oak's line of camouflage patterns and in 2010, that standard continues with the new Break-up Infinity pattern.

The camouflage features outdoors elements such as leaves, acorns and branches that are placed over layers of actual digital images from the woods. The effect can only be appreciated by looking at the pictures.

Camouflage is more than a fashion, it's a lifestyle, and deer hunters looking to take their game to the next level will want the Break-up Infinity. As Mossy Oak says, "It's not a passion. It's an obsession."

For more information and pictures, go to www.MossyOak.com.

Electronics: ThemaCELL Thermo Soles

From the makers of mosquito repellent comes a new product that will make hunting on a cold day barely noticeable. ThermaCELL Thermo Soles are pads that a hunter can put inside a boot or shoe that can be programmed to different temperatures to keep feet warm.

Users can set the soles to one of three levels: low at 98 degrees, medium at 104 degrees and high at 111 degrees. With a remote control, the hunter can change the setting without removing their shoes to accommodate changing temperatures on a normal day in the woods.

On top of that, they are rechargeable, which means hunters will get 500 full charges out of one pair of soles.

The soles come in four different sizes to fit shoes from 4 ½ to 11 ½ and retail for $129.99 for the pair. www.ThermaCELL.com