Maine anomaly a monster

We've come across some deer oddities, a herd of albinos, does with antlers, locked up bucks drowning.

But here's an extraordinary one.

Lucas Clark, a 15-year-old from Northport, Maine, has set the deer hunting world abuzz with his remarkable deer, which sports three antlers. Besides the two main beams coming from the normal positions, the buck has an extra antler growing out of the right side of its head.


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But it's not only odd, it's big.

"I've always wanted a buck but I never pictured myself shooting one like this one. Not in Maine," he said. "The biggest we get up here are 10-pointers."

After several counts, the buck's antlers total 20 points. An amazed biologist viewed it and pulled a tooth to age it, which won't come for awhile. The green score is 194, Clark said, but it was attempted while the deer was hanging.

Clark had killed two does previously and almost took another Saturday. His wait paid off.

When he shot it, Clark thought the deer was rather nice but had no idea. It fell in the dry cranberry patch, its twin peaks hidden in the brush.

"All I saw was the side with the one antler, then I shot him," Clark said. "I waited a few minutes. The other side was driven into the cranberries. So I picked it up and I didn't know what to think. I was pretty stunned."

Not as stunned as his hunting partner, Jerome Bucklin, who at 45 has a bit more perspective on it being such an oddity.

"He was more excited than I was when he walked up to it," Clark said. "He was jumping up and down."

Offers for the deer have climbed to $10,000, but Clark said he plans to keep it forever.

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