2008 ESPN Outdoors Duck Trek map

The 2008 ESPN Outdoors Duck Trek was a trip from Minnesota to Louisiana, straight down the Mississippi Flyway.

The idea was not only to follow the ducks as they move, but to follow and compare cultures and techniques.

Duck hunters share in the grit of the season. We share the mud and crud that seems to seep into things that don't have a nook or cranny. They share in the knowledge of a cold front, how it can change their world and how to whisper the words barometric pressure and jet stream in the same sentence.

They share the awe of a glorious sunrise and the shining of green heads glistening in the light against a blue sky. They revel in the smell of a wet retriever. They share in the joy of whistling wings and the misery of floating a hat after a stumble in a cold marsh or flooded timber.

We hoped to fuse those experiences together for hunters all along the Mississippi Flyway through our stories and photos. Click on the symbol on the map below and follow the links to our archives to relive the journey.