2009 Duck Trek Products


What does it take to travel over 5,000 miles in a month and a half, jumping from hotel to hotel, to duck camp to hotel? In short, it takes a lot.

Duck hunting is a product-heavy ambition. We've needed the usual stuff — guns, waders, jackets, gloves, food, duck calls, and decoys — and the not as usual stuff — cameras, lenses, recorders, notebooks, and computers.

We also need most of that stuff dry, hidden, and easily put into a truck. We're sponsored by Plano, which makes it nice because if we hadn't been given a lot of these products, we would no doubt be buying them.

Here's a sample of what it takes to put together a duck hunting adventure from North Dakota to Louisiana.

1440 Waterproof Case

This case is something we could not have lived without on the trek. It's waterproof, camouflaged and comes in a very packable, transportable size. For us, it was notebooks, pens, recorder, lenses, memory cards, duck calls, and cell phones.

It has a tough polycarbonate structure so it holds up in nasty conditions, but a soft rubber lining that helps protect valuables inside. The cam-action latches and Dri-Loc Seal let you stay confident that your notebook, which has all your hunt notes on it, is safe and dry and will be readable 8 hours later in your hotel.

Sportsman's Trunk
The Plano catalog calls it the Sportsman's Trunk/Locker, we call it our own little room of duck heaven. If you are a hunter on the go, this is perfect.

So far it's been thrown in the back of pick up trucks keeping our gear out of the weather; packed up full of waders, clothes and various other items and shipped across the US and used as luggage at the airport. When you want to get in and get out, and taking everything with you isn't possible, this is the perfect deal.
It comes with these features:
• Four heavy duty latches
• Lockable in 3 places/Airline approved
• Integrated wheels for easy transport
• Tie-down brackets on each end
• Recessed handles
• Molded grooves for stacking

For more info: http://www.planomolding.com/fall/products.asp

All-Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case with Wheels

In this day and age everything has wheels on it, so why shouldn't your gun case. For the few times we've had hunters fly in and out, this was perfect to pack in two shotguns, get it through airport security and then actually get to the truck with all the other luggage.

The catalog says: "Dri-Loc® Seals ensure a water-tight, dust proof case for 2 scoped rifles of shotguns. A large, comfortable handle and swivel wheels make this case incredibly convenient for travel. Additionally, it is both lockable and airline approved."

For more info: http://www.planomolding.com/fall/products.asp

Floating Shotgun Case

None of us has gone swimming yet, but before this Trek is over I'm sure someone will. A floating gun case is a must. Some of the public land we've hunted require guns to be cased while in a boat. This one is perfect. It's water resistant and even comes in RealTree.

For more info: http://www.planomolding.com/fall/products.asp

Swamp Seat

After several hunts of slogging around the marshes, this tool became invaluable real quick.

The name says it all and after a morning of standing or walking in muck and mire, finding a place to sit is a luxury.

The Swamp Seat came in handy on the first days of the Trek and will stay that way.

It has a cushioned seat and a folding "Marsh Foot" that extracts and doesn't sink into the mud.

It's about as close to a Lazy Boy as you will find in the duck woods.

For more info: http://www.averyoutdoors.com/

Field Box with Universal Shell Holder

Duck hunting is a messy, wet sport regardless of which state you are in. Field boxes are almost as common as a duck call. The catalog says this one is: "Equipped with Plano's patented Universal Shell Holder, this case has it all — from easy access storage and large lift out try to sturdy latches and an easy carry handle. You'll never need another accessory box!"

What's more you can actually put a Twinkie in it and not get it smashed. It also makes a good weather guard for carrying cameras and the little equipment needs that reporter-types and photographers need.

For more info: http://www.planomolding.com/fall/products.asp

Large Shooters' Storage Case

Some folks just like things bigger. If you are one of these, then this case is the deal. It's come in handy in those duck-blind situations where you have enough room. You can pack extra gear and it's easy to tote. You can even get more than one Twinkie in this one with a full Thermos to boot.

And before duck season is over, you can use it as rest to sight in your deer rifle. As Overstreet said. "That box might even cook dinner for you."

For more info: http://www.planomolding.com/fall/products.asp