Fast asleep

Editor's note: To accompany Deer Camp 2010, we've asked athletes, prominent figures and outdoorsmen to relate their first deer kill.

After an impressive rookie season on the Bassmaster Elite Series that included a win on Lake Amistad, Derek Remitz went quiet for a few years. Remitz changed that in a big way in 2010, proving he can compete at the highest level by finishing near the top in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

I was 14 or 15 when I killed my first deer. That's over 10 years ago already.

Back home in Minnesota, my grandpa had a bunch of hunting land. That was the first year I decided to go deer hunting and I just got a rifle and all that.

We went out scouting a little bit before the season and built a stand for me to sit in -- me and him or me and my uncle.

I crawled up there the first morning, I think it was opening morning. I crawled up there and got to kind of nodding off a little bit when the sun was hitting my face.

Up in Minnesota in November it was 20 degrees in the morning and when that sun hits your face it's 50 degrees and you feel good. So it was about 8:30, I kind of dozed off and I woke up and there's a 7-pointer standing right in front of me.

So I was just real easy -- I had my gun laid up there and I was real easy -- it was only 20 yards away, reared up on him and got him. I said, "Wow I guess I got my first deer, this is easy."

That was my first one.

It was too easy. It's been a lot harder ever since. I got a few more and then after that I just kind of got out of deer hunting focusing a lot more on bird hunting and everything. That's what we grew up doing, pheasant hunting and duck hunting.