Bucks behaving badly

It's the time of year when male deer tend to … well, they tend to go a little girl crazy.

It's the rut, and bucks just seem to do the wildest things, and not just in the wilds, either.

For example, did you hear the one about the whitetail that attacked a ceramic deer lawn ornament in Wisconsin. Hey, what can you expect from a sex-starved buck that takes out its aggressions on other males when pursuing does.

Or how about the rampaging buck in Pennsylvania that sent two residents to the hospital in a particularly violent attack. One victim likely will lose the sight in one eye from her injuries.

Or the 7-point buck that had to be subdued with a .22-caliber rifle after crashing through the picture window of a home in Illinois and trashing a newly remodeled bedroom.

The list goes on and on, and we blogged about several incident this fall.

Other bucks-behaving-badly headlines:

  • N.Y. man killed by deer he kept on his property

  • Deer finally wriggles free from plastic jack-o'-lantern

    In related news:

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