SGL 28: Good mix of big, small game

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RIDGWAY, Pa. — Located near where Elk, Forest and Jefferson counties come together is a 9,848-acre tract of public hunting land known as State Game Lands 28. It is a desolate piece of property, yet it has plenty of access.

Much of the land in this area has gas or oil wells of some type, and this tract is no different. Though there are only a few improved roads that will get you around this area, there are numerous gravel tracts to get back into the woods.

About the land

Most of the SGL is located in Elk County, with a smaller portion of the southeast corner in Forest County.

Amid this public holding, there are a couple of areas of private ground that you need to be aware of; both are located in the southern portion of the tract.

For as sizable a piece of property as this is, there are only five designated parking areas on it. Of course there are numerous pull off places along the roadways to use.

Depending on weather and time of year, some of the gated areas may be open to travel, but this tract largely requires one to walk in if they want to hunt it. This allows those who like to hoof it an area to travel back in away from the crowds.

Game report

The area has an abundance of game animals, with bear, deer, and turkey receiving the most attention from hunters.

Small game thrives here as well with squirrels, rabbits, and grouse hunting rated as good to excellent by the wildlife conservation officers and land managers of the region.

Within this sizable holding, the wild creatures are pretty much on their own. There are three small food plots, and all are within a stone's throw of the outer border.

Within the interior, animals must depend upon nature to provide their food so finding the preferred food sources on this tract is a vital key to your success.

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Learn more by contacting the PGC's North-central Region Office (570-398-4744) or Smith's Sports Store (814-834-3701) in Saint Mary's.

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