Outdoor Games
 Thursday, June 1
Great Outdoor Games glossary of terms
 In case the lingo and terminology used in the upcoming ESPN Great Outdoor Games is unfamiliar to you, here is a glossary of some frequently used terms in the four sport categories -- Fishing, Timber Events, Sporting Dogs and Target Sports. With just a few minutes of study per week, you'll be sounding like an expert and impressing your friends when ESPN and ESPN2 televise 17.5 hours of original programming from this first-ever event July 27 - August 4 from Lake Placid, N.Y.

Belly - This is the mid-section of a fly fishing rod.

Bermuda Triangle - Derived from its triangular shape this is one of the targets used in archery. Others are Hole in the Wall, Obstruction, Straight Away, Thread the Needle and William Tell.

Birling - This is another term for log rolling.

Boom - A long string of logs connected end-to-end and used in the timber sports Run, Roll and Drive competition is known as a boom.

Boxloader - In the sporting dog event of Flyball, the boxloader stands at the end of the Flyball lane and loads the balls into the spring-loaded box. This person also acts as a coach to the dog as he or she comes down the lane.

Brown Trout - This species is most likely to be caught in the fly fishing competition. A cold-water fish, they average 8-12 inches.

Caulked Shoes - These shoes with spikes on the bottom help the competitor stay on the log during timber sports log rolling.

Dry Fly - This is a type of lure that imitates insects that float on the water's surface to stay dry.

East Coast Fakeout - A move in the dog agility competition in which the handler makes a quick turn into the dog to convince the dog of a direction change. It's also known as a reverse flow pivot.

Fletching - Feather or plastic vanes at the end of an arrow that serve as a guidance system.

Hot Saw - This is a modified, customized chain saw in timber sports. Some utilize an engine taken from a power mower or snowmobile.

Lunkers - Big fish are colloquially known as lunkers.

Riffles - A characteristic of moving water that indicates where brown trout are likely to be found. Riffles are comprised of fast, shallow water running over gravel or small racks that are often found where the water widens.

Trolling - To fish by trailing a lure or baited hook from a moving boat. Trolling is illegal at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Bass Fishing competition (provides unfair advantage).

Withers - The point where the leg joint meets the top of the back of a dog is called the withers. They are also known as the shoulder.

X-Ring - An alternative name for the bullseye in all target sports.

The inaugural ESPN Great Outdoor Games, created and organized by ESPN, will take place July 20-23 in Lake Placid, N.Y. and will feature more than 200 of the world's best competitors in outdoor sports vying for nearly $300,000 in prize money. The competition consists of 20 events in four sport categories.