2009 Competitors

Matt Slingerland

April 13, 1991

Rockwell, N.C.

Just graduated from Gray Stone Day School and was dual-enrolled in Montgomery Community College. I will be attending University of North Carolina-Charlotte in the fall.

Athletic training

Favorite event
Underhand chop

Training routine
Weightlift three times a week; I train in chopping and sawing every day

How many years have you been competing in lumberjack sports?
10 years

Basketball, lumberjack sports, girls

Do you participate in any volunteer work?
I volunteer in Adopt a Highway at Montgomery Community College and for my senior project I raised money for the genocide victims in Darfur.

Do you have any family members who compete or have competed in the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series?
My dad has been competing for more than 20 years and still competes in the Professional Series.

Interesting fact
This is my second year competing in the Collegiate Championship and I'm the youngest competitor. My entire family (including my twin brother, mom and younger sister) have competed in lumberjack sports.