Timber test

BRISTOL, Conn. -- Two 60-foot trees are sitting in the parking lot on the ESPN campus, waiting for two radio guys who are in over their heads.

Mike and Mike in the Morning's Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will take part in a STIHL TIMBERSPORTS exhibition on Tuesday that will involve all six of the lumberjack disciplines from the series, plus logrolling and speed climb, to celebrate STIHL TIMBERSPORTS 25th Anniversary.

The radio hosts will leave the chopping and sawing to the professionals -- Dave Jewett, Will Roberts, Nathan Waterfield and Mike Sullivan -- who will be putting on demonstrations for the radio hosts and other ESPN employees, giving them a better idea of what involved in one of the longest running sport shows in their network.

Golic and Greenberg, as well as others from ESPN, will have an opportunity to try their hand at the speed climb and logroll. The radio show's producer, Liam Chapman, said they are as ready as they're going to be.


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"I think it's going to be fun," said Chapman as he watched Golic and Greenberg participate in a spot with ESPN's Merril Hoge on the campus' courtyard. "We're looking forward to coming up there and giving it a run."

There to help those in need, which should be just about everybody, will be world champion logrollers Katie Rick and Shana Martin and world-class speed climbers Guy German and Derek Knutson.

The event will start at 10 a.m. ET and run through 2 p.m. ET and will be featured on Mike and Mike in the Morning and www.STIHLTIMBERSPORTS.com.