Wirth the time

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Kevin Wirth was three miles from checking in with 15 pounds, 3 ounces in his livewell when his engine got bogged down and stopped.

"About the time I got shut down, I heard a boat fly by and it was Ish [Monroe]," Wirth said. "I waved, he wheeled back around, I grabbed my fish and we were gone. It probably didn't take us 30 seconds."

He still wasn't out of trouble.

"Once I got in Ish's boat he goes, 'I'm running on fumes,' and I'm thinking, 'We've still got a ways to go,'" Wirth said.

They made it to the ramp with, according to Ish's GPS, exactly 2 minutes and 50 seconds to spare.

"You can't say enough good things about a guy when he does something like that," Wirth said of Monroe, who only weighed in 6-8.

But he still wasn't out of trouble.

Floating roughly three miles downriver was Wirth's empty boat. A couple sitting in their boat, watching the anglers come in inquired as to why there were four people in one boat. Wirth told them the story and they took off.

"They went all the way down there and started towing me," Wirth said. "Before BASS or the Coast Guard could send somebody to get it, they were halfway back to the ramp."

Wirth said his boat was fine, it just overheated and he didn't have time to let it cool down. He'll use it on Saturday.

Good bet

By the time the odds were locked on sportingbet.com, Fred Roumbanis was at 80/1 to win the Classic. He's in third place, and doesn't think his fish are going anywhere.

"I was surprised to be at those odds," Roumbanis said.


"Certainly I feel like I'm representing ladies, but I didn't feel a lot of pressure that way. I'm just proud to be here and a lot of the ladies I've encountered are just really proud I'm here and supportive, so I wasn't feeling like if I don't catch fish today, I'm not going to get the love from the ladies." — Kim Bain-Moore on being the first woman in the Classic

"They only have one thing on their mind right now and that's making babies." — Bill Lowen on the pre-spawn bass

"If I had my way, I'd catch just enough to get in the top-5 within striking distance tomorrow … but I'd take a 25-pound bag." — Mike Iaconelli

2009 Classic archive | Photo galleries | Classic blog | Live coverage