Day One Notes and Quotes

Normally, culling bass is a good thing for a tournament angler.

Surely any of the 21 Bassmaster Classic Qualifiers who failed to capture five bass today would have paid a steep price for that luxury, but Jeff Kriet, who occasionally marches to a drummer all his own, was overheard saying that "every time I had to cull, it hurt."

Kriet was happy to catch multiple limits of fish Friday, but said that he could have had even more had he been able to keep on casting.

"When you get them fired up, you get those flurries of four or five in a row," he said. "I had them going real good one time, but then I had to cull and it stopped."

He said that he caught all of his fish on Friday on a single lure, but that it's not his strong suit.

"What I'm doing is not my favorite way to fish but it's the way to win it," he said.

Day One quotes

"Dirty water works on my head."
—John Murray, currently the bubble boy in 25th place

"With the right cast, you could catch up a lot."
—John Murray

"I'm starting way up and going everywhere."
—Boyd Duckett, prior to take-off. A blown motor undermined those plans

"If it was 26, we'd be drilling holes."
—Kevin VanDam clarifying that he was referring to air temperature, not water temperature when he said it was 26 at blast-off

"We're probably a week or two away from this lake showing how good it really is."
—Kevin VanDam, who leads the tournament with 19-08

"He's not one of the guys you want to see. I think he did some work over there."
—Jeff Kriet, who returned to his starting spot in the afternoon to find Todd Faircloth fishing there

"I think those winders caught them today."
—Greg Hackney, an admitted jig freak