Rain reactions

Greg Hackney — "It's not going to hurt my chances of catching fish, but it will hurt my chances of winning it. It probably won't benefit anyone."

Ishama Monroe — "I have no clue because I thought yesterday with the sun coming out it was going to be the same today."

Tommy Biffle — "It's probably not going to matter much."

Dean Rojas — "It won't be that big of a factor, I've fished in the rain many times before."

Aaron Martens — "It would be nice to see calm and sunny weather, so I wasn't ready for this. I don't think the rain will help anybody today."

Scott Rook — Wasn't available for comment.

Gerald Swindle — "The rain isn't going to hurt anything today."

Rick Clunn — "The rain is going to help my chances today."

Mark Tucker — "Well, it can't hurt me."

Jimmy Johnson — "I'd rather have a little bit of sun, but I'll just have to adjust on the water. I don't think anyone will really be affected negatively or positively by the rain."