Notes from Clear Lake: Final Day

Final standings

LAKEPORT, Calif. — Big fish, big bags and big numbers equaled a big time for the Bassmaster Elite Series anglers this week on Clear Lake, which lived up to its billing as the nation's No. 1 bass lake.

"I love this lake. I love this lake," Pete Ponds screamed after weighing in Sunday.

The Golden State Shootout saw the all-time, four-day weight broken not once, but twice. Winner Steve Kennedy (122 pounds, 14 ounces) and second-place Skeet Reese (117-6) both topped Preston Clark's record of 115-15 set on Santee Cooper Reservoir last year.

"We showed the country what we got," said Reese, who is from Auburn, Calif.

Other biggests and bests of the week:

Personal-best bags by a number of anglers, including Day Three bags of 40-7 from Kennedy and 35-8 from Reese.

Jeff Reynolds wowed the crowed with an enormous 12-11 fish.

Among the nine anglers who have topped 100 pounds in a four-day tournament, six came last year at Santee Cooper in South Carolina. Clear Lake did that one better Sunday.

The Clear Lake Century Club includes:

Paul Elias (101-16)

Kelly Jordan (102-10)

John Murray (103-1)

Gerald Swindle (105-8)

Greg Gutierrez (108-1)

Skeet Reese (117-6)

Steve Kennedy (122-14)

Largest bill for bait:

Kennedy admitted to hitting a local tackle store for more than $3,000 in swimbaits. "I'll probably make it $5,000 before I leave."

The co-anglers accounted for 1,227 fish weighing a total of 3,740 pounds, 6 ounces. The pros totaled 5,805-9.

Co-angler Jim White catching 33-8 on Day Two to set what is believed to be the all-time largest single day bag for a non-boater.

Johnny Graham's 11-3 lunker was the best of the co-anglers.