Quotes from Day Two

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"I can lift this, can't I?"
— Boyd Duckett, upon receiving his 2007 Bassmaster Classic champion's ring

"It was just one of those glorious days when you're blessed."
— Shaw Grigsby, who jumped to fifth place with a 16-8 limit

"Yesterday? Sucked. Today? Caught 'em."
— Kevin Short

"I said, 'The Classic's coming to your home lake this year. You better tighten up.'"
— Casey Ashley, recounting the motivational pep talk he gave himself Thursday night before sacking a tournament-high 22-0 limit on Friday

"I had a lot of turnovers yesterday."
— Fred Roumbanis, explaining the difference between Day One and Day Two

"I haven't figured anything out."
— Skeet Reese, who moved from 17th to 4th on Day Two.

"Miss you, love you. Daddy's making money. I'm going to come home and buy presents."
— Reese to his daughters watching the weigh-in online

"Today I did a 180-degree circle."
— Glenn DeLong, on catching more fish on Day Two than he did the previous day

"With that kind of weight, looks like I'm gonna be getting bashed at the bash tonight."
— Gerald Swindle, on stage while thinking he wouldn't make the cut. He finished just inside, in 48th place

"I broke off a 4 ½-pounder about noon and spent the rest of the day trying to catch her just to make the cut."
— Aaron Martens (62nd, 18-11)

"This is a deep, clear lake, and I know how to fish here. I'm at home here on this lake."
— Boyd Duckett, leading the tournament with 33-14

"I totally started over today and caught 25 keepers."
— Mike Iaconelli, on his larger Day Two weight

"The big ones know to let the little ones eat first."
— Kevin VanDam, talking about his failure to catch larger fish on Day Two

"The lake just chewed me up, man."
— Bill Lowen (83rd, 14-11)

"I would catch a 14-incher and watch a 5-pounder follow it up to the boat."
— Bryan Hudgins, on his Day Two struggle after being in second place after Day One

"I went three hours late in the morning without a bite, and said, 'No problem, they'll bite this afternoon.' They didn't."
— Denny Brauer, on his struggles on Day Two

"It's brutal out there. I need a seatbelt out there to keep me in the boat."
— Grigsby on Smith Mountain Lake's boat traffic.

"My blood pressure."
— Martens, when asked "What's up?"

"I was hot and I was dying out there. This was the hardest I've ever fished for one fish."
— Paul Hirosky

"If you start feeling the chills, you need to get to a hospital."
— Jon Bondy, former heat stroke victim, on the dangers of the heat

"You ought to go fishing out here some time. It's pretty cool."
— Grigsby to TV host Mark Zona

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