Final Weigh-In Notes

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Here's a sampling of what was said on the final day of the Sunshine Showdown, presented by Allstate Boat Insurance.

"He's Benny-Boo. That's what we all call Ben."

— Skeet Reese, revealing Ben Matsubu's nickname.

"It was so quiet you could hear your hair grow."

— Howard Allen, former Elite Series Pro, on the slow times Sunday on Toho.

"It's only about a 9-pounder but is should be a 13-pounder."

— Ben Matsubu

"What's amazing is that I've caught four huge fish from the same spot on four different days."

— Jon Bondy

"I didn't know who was more tired: me or them."

— Mike Wurm, on a slower Sunday bite.

"If I knew, I'd have caught 'em."
— Terry Scroggins' reply when asked what happened to "his fish" at "his tournament".

"I lost about 20 pounds this week."

— Ben Matsubu, commenting on how much he perspired in the humid heat of Lake Toho.

"In seven days (three practice days, four tournament days) I never caught a limit here. To finish in the top 12 is unbelievable."

— Jon Bondy, who weigh-in only 15 of a possible 20 fish during the tournament, but finished sixth.

"It would have been a perfect week if Alabama hadn't won."

— Mike Wurm, on finishing 12th, and more importantly qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic, but having to witness his home-state Arkansas Razorbacks lose a heartbreaker to Alabama, 41-38, Saturday night.