Pick three

DECATUR, Ala. — The 2008 Bassmaster Elite Series tour begins its seventh event of the 11-tournament season Thursday with a stop in Alabama on Wheeler Lake's 68,000 acres. Though the Southern Challenge presents a classic post-spawn bass fishing pattern, recent rains in the area have opened up a shallow water bite that typicially wouldn't be a factor this time of year on Wheeler.

The field will be cut to the top 50 after Friday's weigh-in and the top 12 after Saturday. The 7 a.m. takeoffs and 4 p.m. ET weigh-ins will be held at Ingalls Harbor.

Fourteen pros were asked to pick the three most likely winners of the $100,000 first place prize this week at Wheeler Lake. Here are their choices:

Bobby Lane

  1. Timmy Horton — He has all the local knowledge and knows every nook and cranny of this place.

  2. Kevin VanDam — It might be won with a crankbait bite and nobody does it better.

  3. Matt Reed — He will get out on the flats and fish slow with a worm.

Billy Brewer

  1. Aaron Martens — This may be a structure deal and that means he will catch them good on a drop-shot.

  2. Kevin VanDam — Because he always has a chance.

  3. Edwin Evers — He's on fire and has a lot of momentum.

Ray Sedgewick

  1. Timmy Horton — He knows the mussel bars and stump ridges.

  2. Kevin VanDam — The spinnerbait bite is working.

  3. Tommy Biffle — The water is a little bit high and there's a good flipping bite in willows.

Dean Rojas

  1. Timmy Horton — He always fishes well here and is sleeping in his own bed.

  2. Kevin VanDam — He's always in the top five here.

  3. Mike Wurm — The old dog can still hunt.

Mike Wurm

  1. Tommy Biffle — Fish are still shallow and the lake is high. There's a lot of stuff to pitch and flip up there.

  2. Kevin VanDam — He'll be able to change on the fly and it may take that to win.

  3. Dean Rojas — We might hear Kermie croaking in this one.

Mike McClelland

  1. Timmy Horton — Because of his knowledge of this river system.

  2. Kevin VanDam — He will cover a lot of water and you're going to have to do that to catch them here.

  3. Jeff Kriet — I know where he's fishing and he's on them.

Jeff Kriet

  1. Kevin Wirth — He's a good offshore fisherman and he's done well here in the past.

  2. Aaron Martens — He'll find some wacky way to catch them that nobody else will.

  3. Kevin VanDam — There's a pretty good crankbait bite and he'll cover a lot of water.

Jeremy Starks

  1. Timmy Horton — He's from here.

  2. Aaron Martens — He's won an FLW tournament here and he knows this lake.

  3. Bobby Lane — I think he's good at fishing the flats and that scattered grass, so he should do well here.

Gerald Swindle

  1. Jeff Reynolds — Because he's staying with me and if he doesn't do well, I'm going to whip his ass.

  2. Boyd Duckett — We've been talking and it's time for both of us to step out of this mental deal.

  3. Timmy Horton — He's always done well on Wheeler.

Jeff Reynolds

  1. Gerald Swindle — Because he's a good trash fisherman and that's what it will take to win here. He'll catch some shallow, some deep, some in the grass.

  2. Timmy Horton — He's fished this lake a lot. He's a really good deep-water fisherman. If he finds a wad of them, he could run away with this thing.

  3. Marty Stone — Because "The Stone Pony" is a previous winner here.

Ken Cook

  1. Kevin VanDam — Because I know where he's fishing and I'm catching them, too.

  2. Dustin Wilks — Because I saw him fishing.

  3. Aaron Martens — He's going to catch a lot of fish and you're going to have to catch a lot of fish to catch a few big ones.

Steve Kennedy

  1. Timmy Horton — It's post-spawn and he knows where they stay here. They're out in places that he knows better than anyone.

  2. Aaron Martens — He's done well every time he's been here.

  3. Mike McClelland — They're definitely hitting a jig. It's the right time of year for him to do well.

Rick Ash

  1. Timmy Horton — He's got more local knowledge than anyone else.

  2. Kevin VanDam — You can run-and-gun and catch them on the flats.

  3. Jeff Connella — He's been pretty consistent in practice. I know he's going to catch at least one big bag and that will be the key here.

Kevin Short

  1. Aaron Martens — He's been here enough times to know how to catch them. He'll leave the ramp with his trolling motor down and start catching them.

  2. Mark Davis — He's been here quite a bit. This is going to be a slow, methodical deal where you need to really work over a couple of key spots.

  3. Skeet Reese — He's not afraid to fish in a crowd. Some of these guys won't do that. I don't want to be looking at somebody else, especially when they're catching fish.

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