Not much movement

Not a whole lot changed on the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year points after Day Three of the Tennessee Triumph.

Most of the damage was taken care of in the previous two days. Skeet Reese failing to make cut has a way of making the attention level wane a bit.

He's still in the lead and firmly locked into a TTBAOY playoff berth. So is Edwin Evers, who added a few points to his total.

The remaining damage to those standings won't come until the boats take off next week in Muskogee. It might shake a little on Day Four but it will likely be negligible.

Now if Evers goes out and scores a zero, we take all of that back.

With a week to go, it's far more interesting to look at what could happen.

This is all unofficial, of course.

Currently, we see Reese and Evers locked into the postseason. Derek Remitz is third and more than likely on his way to Alabama. You can say the same for Brian Snowden, who is in fourth. In good shape but not totally secure are John Crews, Cliff Pace and Terry Butcher in fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.

KVD sits in eighth and you would be hard-pressed to think he won't get the job done.

That leaves the remaining four in this order: Aaron Martens, Greg Hackney, Bill Lowen and Gary Klein.

With exception of Martens (who is amazing in so many ways) those guys are some of the best river anglers in the world. You have to believe they will bring it on the Arkansas River.

Normally, you would think that someone in that top 12 would choke big time, but who? They are all so strong.

Trailing them and equally impressive is the bubble guys Dave Wolak (13th and just 3 points out), Jeff Kriet (14th and fishing at home), Russ Lane (15th and really tough when it comes to current-related, shallow fish).

The list goes on, which means every fish caught, every decision made next week will be huge for who gets in and who doesn't. That will go for the whole field considering that every point is important. So the guy who doesn't even figure in this race could have a big impact by taking away or giving points according to how he finishes.

It's sure to make that event worth watching, which is the way it should be.