Playing catch up

TAVARES, Fla. -- Every Elite pro knows that a lucky 10-pound bite is just a cast away on the Harris Chain of lakes. Because of that, most pros would rather be lucky than good on Day Two.

The overnight lows bottomed out in the 40s, and the feels-like temperature at takeoff was 42 with a constant 10-mph breeze blowing. As usual, the front passed through and cleared out all of the clouds, presenting pros with the least ideal conditions possible.


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Some think that weights will fall two to three pounds today, while others think that their pattern will be helped by the high skies and sunshine. Regardless, it's gong to be a tough day and the leaderboard will likely shake up a bit.

Bernie Schultz feels that he can make a move since he believes that the sight fishing bite will be off today. He's on a main lake pattern.

"Sight fishing won't win it with things the way they are," he said. "They've disappeared off of the beds and the cooler weather should help the lake bite."

The weather has another veteran Florida pro in tailspin.

"My game plan is to go out there and read it minute by minute," Shaw Grigsby said. "This cold weather can kill the bite on these Florida fish."

Cliff Pace is still banking on a sight fishing bite, but admits that it'll be tougher today than tomorrow.

"I hope it doesn't mess with the bite too much," he said. "I mean, for the last three practice days the conditions have been totally different than they have been for the first two tournament days. That doesn't do much for your confidence."

Jeff Kriet says that weights should drop across the board, but hopes that he can take advantage and make a move.

"The wind is a problem here in Florida, these bass don't like it at all," he said. "If I get what I got on Day One, I'll be good to go!"