Day Three quotable

MANY, La. -- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day Three weigh-in of the TroKar Battle on the Bayou.

"Dude I wailed on them today."
-- Andy Montgomery

"This is the biggest crowd I think I've seen at an Elite Series event."

-- Chris Lane

"I don't have any excuses today."

-- Jason Williamson

"Don't let them poison the grass in the lake, the lake does the trick on them."

-- Paul Elias

"Who says we have to go to a big town to have a big crowd."
-- Todd Faircloth

"They're not biting voluntarily, you have to force feed them."

-- Gerald Swindle

"I was fishing an area today with as many bass in it, as there are yall in this crowd…and couldn't figure out how to catch them."
-- Jeff Kriet

"I think the reason I didn't catch them, was my fish had a rough night."
-- Aaron Martens on the strong overnight winds on Toledo Bend

"At least I get paid to go home."

-- Matt Reed

"You pick a sport, we have the best fans."
-- Louisiana's Jeff Connella

"Every keeper I caught today had hook holes in it's mouth…that's a testimony to you people out there letting them go.
" -- Jeff Connella to the Toledo Bend crowd