Raise hand if picking against Martens. Anyone?

STOCKTON, Calif. — Finally, with only 12 anglers remaining in the Duel in the Delta presented by Mahindra Tractors, the cut competitors are allowed to predict a winner without being tempted to reply, "me."

(Still, when asked who he liked on Sunday, Mark Tyler replied, "If it's not me, I don't care.")

The near-consensus was exactly what you'd expect: Aaron Martens, with only Derek Remitz, who trails him by a little more than 3 pounds, getting much of the leftover regard. But the reasons differed.

Greg Gutierrez: "Aaron. Derek's stuff is drying up. He's fishing everyone else's history."

Fred Roumbanis: "I want Aaron to win. He just had a baby, and I'm having a baby in May. When you have a baby, you're supposed to win a tournament. I want to see that."

Jeff Kreit: "Aaron. He'll catch 20 pounds, no doubt."

Casey Ashley concurred, as did John Crews, who said he knew the water Martens was fishing, and said it was still stacked. Marty Robinson seemed to want to pick Remitz, but couldn't bring himself to, quite.

Only Glenn Delong put his full force behind Remitz. "He's phenomenal," Delong said.


"I did the best I could. It was great to lead for one day."
— Mark Tyler, who led after Day One, the last man cut

"If there was ever a time to scramble, it was today."
— Brent Chapman, who caught a 5-pounder with about two minutes to go, and stands in fifth place

"Give me a few minutes and I'll come up with more excuses why I didn't catch them today."
— Kevin VanDam, who blamed lack of wind and high tide for his sub-14-pound bag

"There are no guarantees. Someone could catch it today and eat it."
— Jared Lintner, on a 5-pound bass he noticed Saturday and hopes to target Sunday

"This is one of those places I hate coming to. The first day of practice, I caught 30 pounds in my first two hours, and I started liking it."
— Aaron Martens, on fishing the Delta

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