Day Two notes and quotes

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They'll Smile To Your Face

Bo Johnson admired the way an angler from a competing tournament handled the situation upon arriving on Johnson and Mike Del Duca's spot on Day One.

"He was just super respectful and he kept his distance," Johnson said.

But apparently, the visiting angler had taken note of Johnson and Del Duca's position. When the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup anglers returned on the morning of Day Two, the Florida anglers found the same man fishing on their spot.

"He'd been there for at least forty-five minutes," Johnson said.

The team tried to return the favor and keep their distance, but it was too late. Nothing came as a result of their efforts so the team moved.

The Lonely Tow Boat Man

During last week's full moon, Sea Tow operator Mark Shore sure had his hands full.

"I was so busy," Shore said, reclining against the console of his boat as he watched the Redfish Cup anglers pull into the docks. "I had people calling me all night when I was trying to sleep."

Lately though, his phone hasn't rung much day nor night with the Redfish Cup visiting Punta Gorda.

Asked about any calls to rescue stranded Redfish Cup anglers, Shore shook his head:

"No, these guys are really great boaters," he said. "They're pros — they know what they're doing out there."

Numbers Up

Redfish Cup tournament director Bob Sealy has been studying the bag weights in Punta Gorda over the tournament's first two days.

"I'm happy to report we are over a pound up on the redfish average weight here in Punta Gorda," Sealy told the crowds attending the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup & Festival in Punta Gorda's Laishley Park.

The uplifting news pleased crowds and anglers alike, as thoughts turned to what might happen next year when the Redfish Cup returns to its only permanent stop on the tour.


"There's no worse feeling in the world than watching 500 fish swim in front of you and you can't catch one of them."
Bryan Holeman, 33rd place, 14.02 total pounds

"That's the only one he caught all day."
John Ochs, T-3rd, 25.63, as the team watched Craig Johnson's fish catch on the video board

"They all said us Texas boys are too fast — fish too fast, drive too fast."
Ray Malone, 2nd, 25.65

"Every time you fish out there you learn something you shouldn't do."
Keith Hartsell, 34th, 13.07

"Today was kind of like playing a new golf course and every hole the wind was in our face."
Tommy Lomonte, 38th, 11.95