Notes and Quotes Day Three

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PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — Wendy Ulch, wife to Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup angler Brian Ulch, stood ready to console her husband after he barely missed winning his first tournament in Punta Gorda on Sunday.

With his daughter Elizabeth in-tow, Mrs. Ulch stood ready to hug her favorite angler. But the drama unfolding after the .13-ounce final difference became official could have meant even more drama on Sunday.

"It's a good thing I'm only six months pregnant instead of nine months," she said. "I may have gone into labor."

Brotherly Love

John Loring Jr. and Ray Malone began fishing the Redfish Cup together only last year. But the instant bond created when the Texas anglers first decided to wet a line together has proven quite unique.

"We've known each other our whole lives," Loring said. "But the first time we got on a boat we felt like we'd been there together forever."

What? No Sushi?

John Ochs has an interesting tradition at every Redfish Cup tournament. But at Punta Gorda, Ochs failed to eat any raw fish, and the angler was clearly disappointed.

"Last week, I had some, though," Ochs said.

Emcee Keith Alan pointed out that, unfortunately for Ochs, sushi just doesn't keep very well.


"Buy some furniture!" —
Unknown spectator, but likely a Punta Gorda furniture salesman, after tournament director Bob Sealy revealed he bought a place in the city during last year's Redfish Cup tournament

"We're up against literally the best teams in the world." —
Heath Seckel, second place overall in Punta Gorda

"When you're watching someone else reeling in a fish, it's like watching someone taking away your manhood." —
Bo Johnson, fifth place

"You guys want to look in the bag before we weigh them?"

— Mark Sepe, first place, teasing Seckel and Ulch seated in the hot seat

"So close!"
— Brian Ulch

"We wouldn't have changed a thing, Keith."
—Ray Malone, fourth place, responding to Alan's question if the men wished they had changed something on Day Three