Pushing the Limits

Russ Lane has a spot that he says is only good for the first hour or so, and it has held up both days. James Overstreet

LAKE FORK, Texas — There's good, and then there's scary good.

Good is catching 78 pounds, 4 ounces on 15 fish between four guys. Scary good is catching another four pounds in your sleep.

When the official results were released for Day One of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Friday, Team Four, captained by Alton Jones was trailing Team 20, captained by David Walker, by more than three pounds. When they woke up Saturday morning, they were leading by a pound.

Russ Lane, who anchored Team Four on Friday with a 37-4 limit, said he's just as good at catching them while he's awake.

"I don't expect to catch them quite like we did yesterday, but if we could catch three or four good ones early, we'd be good," Lane said. "I think we have a decent limit hole, and it will hold up."

He has to state that it is going to "hold up" because a storm system moved through East Texas Friday that was carrying some damage. The Weather Channel reported a funnel cloud over the Highway 154 bridge that crosses over Lake Fork, about two miles from the expo and weigh-in stage.

The back end of the storm was still lingering Saturday morning, leaving overcast skies and a threat of rain. Elite Series angler Shaw Grigsby said that most of the change is going to be on top of the water.

"We've still got a lot of clouds and there hasn't been a huge barometric change," Grigsby said. "The only thing that's a beast is the wind and that just affects how you have to fish. That wind will beat you up."

Dan Morehead, who fishes with Joe Thomas to make up the morning half of Team 20 (second place), said he is on a pattern that shouldn't be affected by the wind or rain.

"We're fishing for pre-spawn bass," Morehead said. "They're not up on the banks and we're not having to look at them. But we're also not in the middle of the lake, so I don't have to worry about fighting 30 mph winds."

There will be 40 teams on Lake Fork Saturday, but only the top-5 teams will make the cut and fish on Sunday. Every angler can weigh-in their own limit, which gives each team an oppurtunity to weigh 20 fish toward their total. The first flight will return at 12 p.m. ET and the second flight will takeoff at 1 p.m., giving each set of team members four hours on the water.

"We've got like a 25 pound cushion for making the top-5, so if we can just catch about 25 pounds as a team, we'll be fine. We've all decided that we're in this thing for broke, and if it works we're heroes and if it doesn't, oh well."

Lane also wasn't worried about the wind in his spot, and said he should have no trouble catching a "good solid limit." But "solid" seems to be a relative term.

"We had about what [on Friday] … a six or seven pound limit?" Lane asked. "Man, this lake is full of five, six, and seven pounders. To me and most the guys here, a five pound average is just a limit."

By 8:49 a.m. ET on Saturday, Lane and his morning partner Kyle Mabrey had already added 23 pounds to their total weight … on their way to another "decent" limit. Mabrey was only able to add 11 pounds to their combined weight on Friday, but he said he would bounce back on Day Two.

"I've got his [Lane's] back," Mabrey said. "We've got a pretty unique deal going on. Hopefully he's going to catch five and then it will be my turn."