Wind Really Blows

LAKE FORK, Texas — Jeff Kriet stood smiling on the dock with his hands in his pockets and white Costa Del Mar sunglasses hiding his eyes.

The rumor was that he and teammate Tony DaDante had caught a fish that weighed almost nine pounds but was under 24 inches.

"Yeah, Tony caught it, but man thing was a beauty," Kriet said. "We were on a nice spot today. I caught nine and Tony caught four, and they were all nice fish."

Even though his fishing day was over on Day Two of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork, he had one more important task at hand. He had to convince his partners to fish his spot in the strategy meeting that was only minutes away.

"I'm not sure if they are going to want to go in there or not," Kriet said. "All I can do is tell them where it's at, but it's their decision whether or not they decide to go."

Team Four, captained by Alton Jones, doesn't seem to have that problem. Apparently, they have all agreed to catch really big fish. Russ Lane and Kyle Mabrey had another nice morning of fishing and the team held a 27-pound lead heading into the afternoon session.

Just like on Day One, Lane and Mabrey caught almost all of their bass in their first hour on the water, but Saturday was a little different. The wind was blowing hard in the morning and it got stronger with every passing minute.

In its forecast for Saturday, weather.com advises the user to "allow for wind."

"When we got to the spot this morning, we didn't even bother putting the trolling motor down," Lane said. "I would position the boat in front of the right spot and just let the wind blow us across."

Mabrey said the technique only allowed for two or three casts as the wind blew them across their sweet spot. But even with the strong winds and huge waves, Lane said conditions were "playing into our hands."

By 2:10 p.m. ET Alton Jones and Steve Daniel had added almost eight pounds to Team Four's total, which was 127 pounds, 4 ounces. They held a 23-pound lead over the field.