Quotes from Day One of the Bassmaster American

Day One standings

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Quotes from Day One of the first major of the year, the Bassmaster American on High Rock Lake.

I don't know if there's a fish out there that hasn't been caught three times this week."
— BASS founder Ray Scott before the weigh-in, clearly expecting fewer fish than the field brought in

"I had a great day. Unfortunately everybody else did, too."
— Skeet Reese

"I think some guys are going to get the jitters."
— Mike McClelland, on anglers trying to match big Day 1 weights on Day 2

"I had four fish by 7 o'clock. I was like, 'It's on!'"
— Jeff Kriet

"I was giggling all day."
— Skeet Reese

"It was fun. I got lots of fish doing what I like to do."
— Brian Snowden

"It's still a good lake, and it showed it today."
— Denny Brauer

"This is a situation where if you get to catchin' 'em, you can just seine your area and not think about tomorrow."
— Gerald Swindle

I was hoping it was going to be tough. Usually I'd rather fish for five good bites."
— Tommy Biffle

Editor's Note: Sunday, May 20, ESPNOutdoors.com will have live video coverage of the Bassmaster American at 3:30 p.m. ET as Bassmaster TV's Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders host Hooked Up. The final day weigh-in follows immediately after where you can see who wins the $250,000 prize!