Legends chat transcript: Saturday

(Editor's note: Following is the transcript of the final day on-water live chat from the 2006 Bassmaster Legends held on the Arkansas River.)

SportsNation Chat Guy: (10:02 AM ET ) Weights reset to zero ... new water ... Twelve of the hottest sticks in the sport.

It should be an exciting day on the course in downtown Little Rock.

Stand by, we'll start this morning's On-water LIve Chat Powered By Mobile ESPN in a moment.

Andrew, N.J.: Gerald:
With the limited time in each area are you looking for a reaction bite and covering alot of water? Or are you slowing down in areas that look good?

SportsNation Gerald Swindle: (10:10 AM ET ) In this one I'm slowing down and looking for a couple of key features in each hole.

G-Fan, Ark.: G Man:
Can you adapt to the 6 hole course that does not have that much vegatation like what got you to the finals?

SportsNation Gerald Swindle: (10:15 AM ET ) Yes, I knew going in to the day there wouldn't be vegetation. So I'm going at a couple of other things, like wood.

Timothy, Fla.: Mike M:
What's your go-to bait on a river system when the bite hinges on a current and there is none?

SportsNation Mike McClelland: (10:22 AM ET ) I like to go with a reaction type lure like a spinnerbait or a crankbait, something that you can give an erratic action to and get their attention.

You're trying to make a fish bite or eat that's not aggressive. So something to get them stirred up, the predator instinct, is why the reaction bait.

Tony Hill, Ga.: Kevin Vandam, What changes did you make yesterday to gain ground one the field, and will the course allow you to fish the same way today?

SportsNation Kevin VanDam: (10:36 AM ET ) Nothing I did yesterday is workng right now. So I'm having to adjust as I go.

That's what I like about this format. It makes you really think things out. Yesterday I caught them on a Strike King Series 3 Crankbait and flipping a Strike King Tube,

The baits will work, maybe, it's just the area that's completely different. I haven't figured it out yet but I will.

Dave, N.J.: Kevin: So far, how are today's areas different from what you fished the previous two days? And what adjustments are you making?

SportsNation Kevin VanDam: (10:39 AM ET ) Nothing I did is working, like I told the other guy. There's no backwater here and I kind of knew that going in to it.

So I'm just now getting it figured out.

Steve, Texas: Hack:
What do you like and dislike about this format?

SportsNation Greg Hackney: (10:58 AM ET ) What I don't like is that it can sometimes put you in a place (hole) where you don't want to fish.

What I like about it is by doing that, you are forced to be more versatile. And that's just all-around good for improving your skills.

Martin, Calif.: Kevin:

What is your goal in each hole?

SportsNation Kevin VanDam: (11:04 AM ET ) To stay focused and not miss any opportunity to execute. Here, it's about looking for the subtle things that another guy might miss.

Martin, Calif.: Dean:

You seem to catch your fish on a frog everywhere you go. What is the first thing you look for on the lake that puts that frog rod in your hand?

SportsNation Dean Rojas: (11:18 AM ET ) It's like any other situation with a reaction bite.

I look for a channel swing near a shoreline or flat. Or a depth break near a flat or ledge. Either place needs to have some type of wood like laydowns, stumps, or vegetation.

Mark, S.C.: Kevin VanDam:
First, I'm a big fan of yours. Your consistency is unbelievable.

Question: How important is having a unique bait or presentation on tour?

SportsNation Kevin VanDam: (11:23 AM ET ) It's important from a confidence standpoint. Everybody knows my go-to bait is a spinnerbait. It's versatile and I feel real good about using it anywhere.

But it's a confidence thing. Sometimes you can go to that lure and catch them and it helps you mentally.

SportsNation Chat Guy: (11:27 AM ET ) The guys are about to rotate holes so we'll wrap the chat. Thanks for joining us!

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